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2022 PCEC Student Research Symposium

The 2022 Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Computing Student Research Symposium was held IN PERSON on Friday, April 22 in the IT Building on the Statesboro campus starting at 1pm. We thank everyone for attending — it was a wonderful turnout for our student researchers, who presented 137 posters in the following categories: Additive Manufacturing | Aerospace Engineering | Automation | Biofuels, Combustion & Sustainable Energy | Biomedical Engineering | Communications | Construction | Cyber Security | Drones, Robotics & Gadgets | Environmental Energy | Fluid Dynamics | Machine Learning/AI | Materials | Modeling | Power | Structural Engineering | Testing |

Sponsored Awards

The Paulson College of Engineering and Computing is very appreciative of its generous industry and agency sponsors. We are proud to recognize their efforts to promote excellent education for engineering and computing students at Georgia Southern University. We were able to present 26 awards totaling $10,000 this year to our deserving students.

Company NameSponsored AwardsStudent Team WinnersFaculty Mentor(s)Presentation Title
Mechanical Engineering Excellence Awards3rd: David Obando Ortegon, Kody Pierce & Shaen MehrzedDr. Valentin Soloiu (MechE)Intensity Analysis on LiDAR System Performance for e-Mobility Applications
2nd: John HavenarDr. Marcel Ilie (MechE)Aeroelastic Phenomena of Fixed-wing Aircraft in Transonic and Supersonic Flight Regimes
1st: Logan Sapp, Rayanne TaylorDr. Jinki Kim (MechE)Intensity Analysis on LiDAR System Performance for e-Mobility Applications
Georgia Power SymbolGeorgia Power Innovation Awards3rd: James O’Hara, Levi McKinneyDr. Valentin Soloiu (MechE)Thermoelectric Generators and Visual Wavelength Lasers for Orbit-to-Ground Power Generation and Transmission
2nd: Juan Lee, EunBin Bak, Maia Stewart, Thomas GatuDr. Seungmo Kim, Dr. Fernando Rios (ECE)LoRa Radio Communications System
1st: Jalexis Vanga GuzmanDr. Sungkyun Lim (ECE)A Size-reduced, Folded Antenna for Wireless Electromyography Systems
Hawk Measurement Technology Awards3rd: Kalvin Carruthers, Hank Frazer, Andy GerhardsteinDr. Vladimir Gurau (MfgE)Automated Laser Profilometer (Laser CMM)
2nd: Frank Martin Dr. Junan Shen (CEC)The Effects of Lignin Additive on the Rheological Properties of Asphalt Binders
1st: Jaedah Wheeler, Mathew Flanagan, Cody Warnock, Abdoul OuangreDr. Gustavo Maldonado (CEC)3D LiDAR Model of the Blue Creek Area in Statesboro
MAPP Awards of Excellence in Civil Engineering & Construction3rd: Ahmed YunusDr. George Fu (CEC)Highway Stormwater Runoff On-site Treatment Using Biochar
2nd: Brooke Warlitner, Nate Barnes, Andrew Gonzalez, Ethan Rhine, Douglas WilliamsDr. Francisco Cubas-Suazo, Dr. Soonkie Nam (CEC)Savannah River Ecosystem Restoration at Blanket Point
1st: Alexis Stephens, Tiffany Pike, William Eason, Jared DozierDr. Soonkie Nam (CEC)Design and Construction of a Model Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Retaining Wall Under Asymmetrically Loaded Conditions
Southern Automation Logistics & Technology (SALT) Computing Awards3rd: Lorna KangetheDr. Hayden Wimmer (IT)Replicating a Cryptolocker Ransomware Attack
2nd: Jordan LimperisDr. Felix Hamza-Lup (CS)Using Google Satellite Imagery and Geographic Elevation Data to Create a High-Fidelity 3D Model of Joshua Tree National Park
1st: Jordan LimperisDr. Weitian Tong (CS)Using Transformer Neural Networks to Predict PM2.5 Values in Chinese Cities
Trane Technologies Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Award3rd: Nnamdi OfuaniDr. Prakash Bhoi (MechE)Life Cycle Analysis of Biochar-based Syngas to Jet Fuel
2nd: Thomas Heusel, Ricardo Pantin Hernandez, Ryan SavageDr. Valentin Soloiu (MechE)Automated Throttle Control Systems for Briggs Hybrid Engine
3rd: Dylan Dansby, Jalexis Vanga Guzman, Gaven Reamy, Andrew TaorminaDr. Fernando Rios (ECE)Using a Solar Panel to Power a Wireless Phone Charger and Duplex Receptacles
Gulfstream SymbolTop IT Project TeamBenjamin Morris, Maura McNish, Quinton QuarlesDr. Meenalosini Vimal Cruz (IT)EagleAssist Chatbot for Georgia Southern
Top Female ResearcherCorina FlukerDr. Francisco Cubas-Suazo (CEC)Nitrate Removal via Denitrification in Aerobic Sediments from Freshwater Systems
Georgia Innovation SymbolGeorgia Centers of Innovation Top Eagle Awards
(co-sponsored with the PCEC):
3rd: Sebastian Gomez AmadorDr. Kamran Kardel (MfgE)Distortions Regarding Vat-Polymerization Processes and Mechanical Properties Testing: LCD 3D Printing
2nd: John VerboomDr. Sungkyun Lim (ECE)A Tunable Parasitic Array Antenna with Size Reduced Elements
1st: Rubayet HassanDr. Sevki Cesmeci (MechE)A Comparative Evaluation of Magnetorheological Micropump Designs for Drug Delivery Applications
Undergraduate3rd: Logan Sapp, Matthew SandsDr. Jinki Kim (MechE)Characterization of Hydrogel Structures using Video-based Vibration Analysis
2nd: Jonah Henry, Joshua Bunting, Mohammad Fuad HassanDr. Sevki Cesmeci (MechE)Numerical Simulation and Experimental Analysis of Elastohydrodynamic Seal Concept for Supercritical CO2 (sCO2) Power Cycles
1st: Michael RunziDr. Haijun Gong, Dr. Lianjun Wu (MfgE)Effects of Humidity on Plastic Filaments and the 3D Printing Process

Last updated: 4/25/2022