Annual Student Research Symposium

The Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Computing presented its 2020 Student Research Symposium VIRTUALLY, with the Awards Ceremony taking place on Monday,  April 27th at 3:00p.m. via WebEx.

Ninety-nine of the original 130 presentations were able to participate in the virtual Symposium.  Dr. Andres Carrano, Associate Dean for Faculty and Research, worked with Populy, makers of the mobile app RocketJudge, to allow the College to upload not only pdfs of each poster, but also an optional 3-minute video of students explaining their work.  Half of the researchers were able to use this option.

Over 50 judges from the College’s industry and business partners, and as many faculty, used RocketJudge to review the presentations — each poster was viewed an average of eight times.  The winners are listed in the table below.  Congratulations to all participants.

“I am extremely proud of each and every student researcher for stepping up in these extraordinary circumstances and going above and beyond to submit their research projects, and for helping us think outside the box in terms of what a research symposium can be,” said Dean Mohammad Davoud.

Sponsor & Award Prize Dept. Recipients  
Georgia Power Innovation Awards  1st MechE Amanda Maner
Parth Patel
Low-cost Hydrogen Production through Water-Gas Reaction
 2nd ECE Shuva Das Smart Distributed Generation System Event Classification using RNN-based LSTM
 3rd MechE Levi McKinney
James O’Hara
Matthew Musial
Thermoelectric Power Generation Utilizing the Seebeck Effect for Aerospace Applications
Georgia Centers of Innovation
Top Eagle Awards
 1st MfgE Mohammad Fuad Hassan Innovative Seal Concepts for Aircraft Engines
 2nd MechE Md Hafizur Rahman Thermo-catalytic Conversion of Waste Plastics into Transportation Fuel
 3rd MechE David Mothershed Wing Tip Collision Detection for Aircraft Ground Navigation Based on Multi-layered Safety Envelope and LiDAR Sensing
Georgia Centers of Innovation
Top Eagle Awards
 1st MfgE Michael Carlino
David Mack
Momena Monwar
Micah Harris
Piezoelectric Polyvinylidene Fluoride Nanofibers and their Possible Applications for Sensors and Energy Harvesting
 2nd MechE Richard Smith
Cesar Carapia
Amanda Weaver
Novel Combustion Characteristics of Fischer Tropsch Synthetic Blends in a Diesel Engine
 3rd MechE Camille Phillips
Drake Grall
Cesar Carapia
An Investigative Study of Aero-Gas Turbine Combustion and Emissions with a Comparison to Simulated Combustion Analysis
Civil Engineering & Construction
Sky High Awards of Excellence
 1st CEC Garrett Brogdon
Johnathan Link
Oluwanifemi Bolu
Rondai Jerido
Marcus Elton
Shyon Scott
Nykolas Collins
Warren Wilson
Zachary Morgan
2019-2020 ASCE Student Concrete Canoe Competition
 2nd CEC Stephanie Gomez
Charles Crowner
Gabriela Funes
Kenneth Edouazin
Garret Brogdon
Behavior of a 3-Sided MSE Wall Model with Surcharge
 3rd CEC Sudeep Pangeni Case-based Study for Construction Activity Hazard Identification and Minimization using Virtual BIM, Augmented or Mixed Reality Tools
Gulfstream – Best Research in IT N/A IT Kevin Davoud Neural Networks for Predicting Sepsis in an Emergency Department
Gulfstream – Best Female Researcher N/A MfgE Alicia McCray Experimental Study of Linear Artificial Muscle for Knee Rehabilitation Prototype

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