Undergraduate Research Awards

The following projects have been awarded funds in the annual Undergraduate Research Awards program for 2017-18.

Abbreviated Title PI Co-PI Faculty Mentor Faculty 2 Dept
Bicycle Generation Station Carlson, Nicholas Lee, Aubrey ElShahat EE
Conservation Voltage Reduction Le, Huy Helton, Zan
Hills, Paul
ElShahat EE
High-efficiency Antenna Array for 60GHz Application McPherson, Tyler Lim EE
Near-field Wireless Power Transfer for Charging Home Appliances Smith, Lauryn Lim EE
Autonomous Shadowing Mobile Robot Using Pixy & Infrared Imaging… Cordell, Cassidy Sommer, Cassandra Rios EE
Motion Planning, Mapping & Navigation Control for Indoor Autonomous… Smith, Lauryn Rios EE
Impact of Workplace Practices on Patients Seeking Mental Health Treatment Wilcauskas, Ryan Reid, Kaitlin
Wright, Meghan
Aasheim IT
Mercury Cycling in Sulfur-rich Sediment from the Brunswick Estuary Rich, Megan Cubas-Suazo CE
Investigation on Effects Hurricanes Have on Coastal Bridge Infrastructure Crumpler, Zachary Hedjazi CE
Machine Modification for Solway Additive Manufacturing Cup Ana Ordonez Kardel Mfg E
Design & Fabrication of Scaled Steel Bridge for 2018 ASCE SE Competition Klinger, Grayson Harding, Tyler
Patel, Dhruv
Ramirez, Augusto
Baughman, Dylan
Rozier, Dallory
Maldonado CE
Design Development Experimentation… Improved Efficient VAWT Rao, Karan Rahman MechE
Dynamic Control of Aerial Robots through Edge Computing Smith, Adrian Samanta MechE
Parametric Modeling and Fabrication of Orthotic Device Rogers, Collin Silwal MechE
Securing, Hardening & Analyzing Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Baggett, Jonathan Wimmer IT
Fabricate Lightweight & High Shear Strength Advanced Composites… Sweat, Ridge Adkison, Ben
Dixon, Abigail
Xu MechE
Accuracy Comparison for 3D Point-Cloud Models of a City Intersection Mesta, Dylan Obermeyer, Katarina
Herrington, Vernon
Maghiar Maldonado CE
Quantifying Muscle Fatigue Using EIM Lane, Charles Ahad EE
Robotic Arm Control through Human Machine Interface using Brain Signals Buck, Ta-Tyonna Matthews, Amber Alba-Flores EE
Optimal Controller Design of a Robot Manipulator Wang, Xi Gao EE
Brake Dynamometer Analysis on Multi-Material Disc Brakes Hohm, Justin Harp MechE
Analysis and Design of Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter Dao, Chris Ilie MechE
Improving Crashworthiness of High Strength Steel… Vehicle Application Beveridge, Charles Koricho MechE
Effect of Electrostatic Charge on Penetration of Sibmicron Aerosols… Barrera, Ngoc Mitra MechE
Fast Prototyping Robots Using 3D Printing Nguyen, Tuan Shin MechE
Ignition Delay Researchin NTC by Determining Thermal Characteristics… Wiley, Justin Soloiu MechE
Eco-friendly Alternative Fuel Emissions Reduction in LTC Engines Carapia, Cesar Soloiu MechE
Design of Embedded System to Detec Muscle Fatigue with Android & IOS Vigliotta, Jacob Ahad EE
Design & Implementation of ANNs to Classify EM Signals to Control… Enweani, Prince Alba-Flores EE
High-speed Switched Reluctance Motor Generator for Automotive Turbo… Hunter, Austin Caleca, Kevin
Hamm, Alex
ElShahat EE
Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control of Connected Robotic Cars Achu, Chikamso Gao EE
Optimization of Off-road Suspension: Coil-over v. Pneumatic Shocks Crow, Chance Harp MechE
Analysis & Design of a Point Absorber Wave Energy Converter Emery, Jessica Ilie MechE
Enhancing Energy Absorption in Impact-loaded Hybrid Joints… DeVries, Scott Koricho MechE
Analysis of Accuracy in a Large 3D Point-Cloud Model of a Street… Rush, Spencer Obermeyer, Katarina Maldonado Maghiar CE
Structural Integrity of Large-size Vertical Pressure Vessel Under Wind Load Prestridge, Rebecca Mitra MechE
Dexterous Hybrid Robotics for High Precision Applications Crowther, Mitchell Shin MechE


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