2017-18 Faculty Research Seed Grants

We are very pleased to announce the recipients of the 2017-18 Faculty Research Seed Grants.

  • Dr. Mahmoud Baniasadi (MfgE): Multifunctional continuous electrospun nanofibrous yarn for smart fabrics
  • Dr. Prakash Bhoi (MechE): Sustainable low-cost hydrocarbon fuels using waste carbon resources
  • Dr. Yunfeng Chen and Dr. Junan Shen (CivEngCon): Cognitive attention and traffic crashes
  • Dr. Francisco Cubas-Suazo (CivEngCon): Biodiesel wastewater treatment as part of LCA of fatty acids
  • Dr. Weinan Gao (ECE): Smart transportation simulation to promote control of autonomous vehicles
  • Dr. Haijun Gong (MfgE): Characterization of stainless steel 316 low-cost metal additive manufacturing
  • Dr. Marcel Ilie (MechE): Pediatric tracheostomy — development of a tracheostomy tube
  • Dr. Kamran Kardel and Dr. Drew Snelling (MfgE): Design and manufacturing high fidelity airway simulator using additive manufacturing
  • Dr. Seungmo Kim and Dr. Sungkyun Lim (ECE): Operation of future cellular communications in shared bonds
  • Dr. Lixin Li and Dr. Weitian Tong (CS): Deep learning based spatiotemporal for air pollution using recurring neural networks
  • Dr. Soonkie Nam and Dr. Saman Hedjazi (CivEngCon): Lightweight mechanically stabilized earth walls using Shotcrete panels
  • Dr. Weitian Tong (CS) and Dr. Hayden Wimmer (IT): Efficient and private mobile transparent computing

Last updated: 1/9/2018

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