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Materials Research Laboratory

Dr. Xu has years of experience conducting research in the fields of Solid and Computational Mechanics, Mechanics of Material, Experiment and Numerical Simulation Integrated Method; as well as Material Manufacturing and Processing. His research projects cover a broad spectrum of scientific research and engineering applications, such as, Friction Stir Welding and Processing; Nano-material and bio- hierarchically structured material; transient dynamics; structural response analysis in extreme loading environment; material behavior characterization of advanced engineering material and bio-material; multi-disciplinary/multi-scale modeling and simulations of engineering structures and manufacturing processes. 


Texture patterns on the transverse cross-section of three Friction Stir Welds made at a tool rotation speed of 240 RPM and a welding speed of: (a) 1.279 mm/s, (b) 2.363 mm/s, and (c) 3.316 mm/s.


Hierarchical structure of the core of Palmetto wood from macro-scale to micro-scale.


Stress networks existing in (110) Ni/Cu nano-layered composites

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