Digital Surface Imaging Laboratory

It is amazing what can be discovered just by looking at either a finished or failed product under magnification. The Keyence VHX 1000 Digital Microscope is at the heart of the DSI Laboratory. Two- and three- dimensional representations of surfaces are quickly generated using white light. At higher magnifications, there is no need to draw a vacuum or spotter a surface; thus, making it possible to image challenges such as failed bearing surfaces still coated in grease. The microscope has a 54 Megapixel resolution. The computer unit is designed as portable brief case, so the entire system can easily be moved from the laboratory to the production line. The CCD camera and lens can be mounted in a fully automated stage, or used free-hand to image challenging surfaces. Surface roughness profile and critical dimensions can easily be determined from the 3D digital images. Currently the facility is being used to catalog images of fatigue surface failures, so that a correlation can be made to operating conditions.


Even at 20x magnification, the amount of detail on the reverse of a penny is incredible—note Lincoln sitting in the monument and the wreaths around the top tiers of the building.


3-D Image and surface roughness profiles corresponding to indicator line location


Mirror surface image revealed as 3-D image is rotated 180o


2-D cross-section image of a failed push-pull fatigue sample


3-D recreation image of a cross-section  of a failed push-pull fatigue sample


Last updated: 10/7/2014

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