Remote Access Tool

Students often need to use software that can only be accessed on the University’s laboratory computers. Georgia Southern IT Services now provides a pathway for students to access campus resources from the safety of their homes with the LabStats Remote Access Tool.

The LabStats Remote Access Tool is a dashboard that students can use to access on-campus computer resources from the comfort and safety of their homes. The dashboard displays a list of available laboratory computers and provides an easy and secure way to remotely log into a computer.

On macOS

1. You will need to download the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. You may download it from the App Store. After installation, continue on.

2. Open the Microsoft Remote Desktop

3. Open the Settings menu and click Preferences

4. In Settings, select the User Accounts tab

5. Enter your MyGeorgiaSouthern username in the Username textbox in the following format: ad\xxyyyyy where xxyyyyy is your MyGeorgiaSouthern username (e.g., ad\ab12345)

6. Close Remote Desktop when complete.

On Windows

You will need the Microsoft Remote Desktop app. You may download it from the Windows Store on your computer or you may search for it on Microsoft’s web site to download. After installation, continue on.

Using the Tool

Open your web browser (e.g., Google Chrome) and navigate to https://remoteaccess.labstats.com/georgia-southern-university.html

How it Works

The LabStats Remote Access Tool shows you which computers are available in each campus computer lab in an easy-to-navigate dashboard. Each lab’s computers house software that may be specific to the location of the lab. For example, engineering software may be found in the Carruth, Engineering, and Information Technology buildings’ computer labs.

Real-time Availability

A computer is considered “available” if it’s powered on, connected to the internet, and not in use by another student. The dashboard employs algorithms that prevent two students from trying to use the same computer at the same time. Unavailable computers are not displayed.

To use the tool:

1. Select a computer lab in which you expect to find the software you need by clicking the name of the lab on the left.

2. From the list of computers, select one and click on the blue Connect button on the right. You will see a pop-up with instructions to download a file.

3. Click the Download button to start the process. The tool will download a Remote Desktop Program (RDP) connection file. This file contains information for connecting to a lab computer and will allow you to connect to its screen and have access to its programs as if you were sitting in front of it on campus.

4. The download progress will appear in the bottom status bar of your web browser.

5. When the file has finished downloading, click on the file name in the status bar to start the connection process. Alternatively, navigate to the folder the file was downloaded to and launch the file.

6. After launching the file, you will be prompted for login credentials. 

7. Enter the username in the following format: ad\xxyyyyy (for example, ab12345). Don’t forget to include “ad\” before your username (without quotes).

8. Enter your MyGeorgiaSouthern password.

9. Click OK to being the remote session.

Last updated: 3/30/2020

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