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Special Topics

Senior Technical Electives

The Department of Mechanical Engineering uses Special Topics Courses (MENG 5090) to introduce new courses to the curriculum on a trial basis. These courses can be used as 5000-level technical electives.

The pre-requisites for the Fall 2021 Special Topics Courses are provided in the accompanying table. See Course Search regarding registration and scheduling details.

Because multiple topics/courses share the same course number (MENG 5090), WINGS is not able to enforce pre-requisites.

Please note that even if WINGS allowed you to register for the course without the pre-requisite, you will nonetheless be administratively removed from the course.

Course #NamePrerequisites
1MENG 5090A/ABApplied Welding and JoiningMENG 3233
MENG 3333
MENG 3531
2MENG 5090B/BAVehicle Body DesignMENG 3135
Meng 3333
3MENG 5090C/CAApplied Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs)MENG 3531

Last updated: 3/22/2021