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Faculty Mentoring

In addition to your academic advisor in the Student Services Center, each student in Mechanical Engineering has been assigned a faculty mentor. Faculty mentors serve as a first point of contact for any questions you might have about the mechanical engineering profession, on-going research projects, your future careers, etc.

Each mechanical engineering faculty member has been assigned a range of the alphabet (see table below). Students with last names falling in a particular range have been assigned to that faculty mentor.

While the assigned faculty mentor is a suggested contact person, other faculty will also meet with you even if your last name is not within their respective alphabet range. You can meet with faculty mentors during office hours or by appointment.

Statesboro Campus

Last Name Starts withFaculty Mentor
A – BanDr. Bhoi
Bar – BraDr. Calamas
Bre – CarDr. Choi
Cas – CurDr. Desai
D – EdwDr. Harp
Ee – FreDr. Ilie
Fri – GraDr. Khan
Gre – HeaDr. Kim
Heb – IvoDr. Koricho
J – KiDr. Mitra
Kl – LyDr. Molina
M – MeDr. Rahman
Mi – NwDr. Ren
O – PhiDr. Salekeen
Pi – RiDr. Samanta
Ro – ScDr. Shin
Se – SpeD. Silwal
Spi – ThDr. Soloiu
Ti – WaDr. M. Xu
We – WiDr. S. Xu
Wo – ZDr. Vlcek

Armstrong and Liberty Campuses

Last Name Starts withFaculty Mentor
A – HDr. Johnson
I – PDr. Goeser
Q – ZDr. Cesmeci

Last updated: 9/9/2019

Department of Mechanical Engineering • P.O. Box 8046 • Statesboro, Georgia 30460 • (912) 478-5761