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Mechanics Course Sequence Review Sessions (Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics, Machine Design)

Faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering are offering tutoring sessions to reinforce pre-requisite content in the engineering mechanics sequence of courses. Content from Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials, and Machine Design will be reviewed. Please see the table below for specific dates and times.

Monday, August 16th ENGR 2231, Engineering Mechanics IDr. Shahnam Navaee6:00 -7.30 PMEngineering 2112Trigonometry, Vector
Monday, August 16th ENGR 3233, Mechanics of MaterialsDr. Mosfequr Rahman 6:00 -7.30 PM IT 1004Free Body Diagram, Bending Moment
Tuesday, August 17thENGR 2231, Engineering Mechanics IDr. MD Rahman 6:00 -7.30 PM Engineering 2112Trigonometry, Vector
Tuesday, August 17th ENGR 3233, Mechanics of MaterialsDr. Sirajus Salekeen 6:00 -7.30 PM IT 1005Centroid, Second Moment of an Area
Wednesday, August 18thMENG 3135, Machine DesignDr. Gus Molina 6:00 -7.30 PM Engineering 2112Mohr Circle, Bending Moment
Wednesday, August 18th ENGR 2232, Dynamics of Rigid BodiesDr. Jinki Kim 6:00 -7.30 PM IT 1004Calculus, Statics Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies
Thursday, August 19thMENG 3135, Machine DesignDr. Ermias Koricho 6:00 -7.30 PM Engineering 2112Mohr Circle, Bending Moment
Thursday, August 19th MENG 3130, Mechanism DesignDr. Hossain Ahmed 6:00 -7.30 PM IT 1004Instantaneous Center, Relative Velocity, Relative acceleration
Monday, August 23rdMENG 3135, Machine DesignDr. Aniruddha Mitra 6:00 -7.30 PM Engineering 2112Belt Friction, Journal Bearing, Screws
Monday, August 23rd MENG 5136, Finite Element AnalysisDr. Mosfequr Rahman 6:00 -7.30 PM IT 1004Stress concentration, Pressure vessels, Mechanical Properties of Materials, Stress-Strain Diagram, Factor of Safety, Material Failure Criteria

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