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Students Awarded 2nd Place at Advanced Energy Conference Poster Competition

Richard C. Smith III and co-authors Amanda Weaver, Lily Parker, and Cesar Carapia of the Paulson College of Engineering and Computing at Georgia Southern were awarded second place for a poster they submitted to the 11th Advanced Energy Conference, sponsored by the Clean Energy Business Incubator Program at Stony Brook University.

The title of the students’ work was “Analysis of Low-temperature combustion Regions of Aerospace Fuel Blends in a Constant Volume Combustion Chamber: the New Climate Change Mitigation Technology.” The students conducted research under the supervision of Dr. Valentin Soloiu, Allen E. Paulson Chair of Renewable Energy in the Department of Mechanical Engineering.

The students competed against students from UC Berkeley, UT Arlington, U of Kansas, Texas Tech, Stony Brook University, Case Western Reserve, U of Massachusetts, and NYU.


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