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2021 Engineering Design Challenge

The  Engineering Design Challenge (EDC) 2021 Competition is underway once again. EDC 2021: Eagle-ROAR2 (Remotely Operated Aerial Recovery) is a novel engineering design competition that engages high school students using unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), in the application of fundamental mathematics, physics, and design engineering. The project is inspired by the success of EDC 2020 and the NASA ARTEMIS 2024 Program. ARTEMIS will return astronauts to the Moon in 2024 and develop the knowledge, technology, and infrastructure to ultimately allow the first humans to reach Mars by 2030.

Five high school teams representing Chatham and Bulloch counties have accepted the challenge. Each team was given a stock drone and tasked with learning how to fly it and designing a drone-based, 3D printable tool for excavating and delivering lunar soil. The teams will also document their engineering design work, their understanding of the physics of drone flight, and discuss the theme of Eagle-ROAR2 with a YouTube video presentation suitable for school grades 8-12. The high school teams are mentored by their STEM teacher, a Georgia Southern engineering student, and an engineer mentor from the local industry. The teams are currently developing and testing their design prototypes.

The competition will be held virtually at 1:00 pm on April 17, 2021.  Learn more about EDC here: You can also watch the EDC 2020 competition here:


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