Kamran Kardel, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Manufacturing Engineering

Office: IT 3114

Phone: 912-478-8566

Email: kkardel@georgiasouthern.edu


Ph.D., Industrial and Systems Engineering, Auburn University, 2016

M.E., Industrial and Systems Engineering, Auburn University, 2013

M.S., Soci-economic Systems Engineering, Mazandaran University of Science & Technology, 2008

B.S, Industrial Engineering, Iran University of Science & Technology, 2003

Research Interests

Dr. Kardel’s research interests include additive manufacturing processes and its applications in Biosystems and scaffolding, as well as surface metrology and engineering, and mechanical properties of 3D-printed polymers. His interests also include sustainable design and manufacturing for bioenergy production processes and cyber-physical systems design.


Kardel, K., Ghaednia, H., Carrano, A.L. and Marghitu, D. (2017) “Theoretical and experimental modeling of behavior of 3D printed materials under collision”. Additive Manufacturing Journal, 14, 87-94.

Blersch, D.M. Kardel, K. Carrano, A.L. (2016) “Customizing 3D-printed surface topography to govern species attachment preferences in a fresh water periphyton community”. Algal Research, 21, 52-57.

Kardel, K. Carrano, A.L. Blersch, D.M and Kaur, M. (2015) “Preliminary development of 3D printed custom substrata for benthic algal biofilms”. 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing. 2(1):12-19.

Ghaednia, H., Cermik, O., Marghitu, D. B., & Kardel, K. (2017). “Collision Measurements Using Digital Image Correlation Techniques”. International Journal of Mechanical Sciences.

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