Hossein Taheri, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

Department of Manufacturing Engineering

Office: IT 3130

Phone: 912-478-7463

Email: htaheri@georgiasouthern.edu


Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Iowa State University, 2018

Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, Iowa State University, 2018

M.S., Mechanical Engineering, South Dakota State University, 2014

B.S, Mechanical Engineering, Shahid Beheshti University, 2004

Research Interests

Dr. Taheri’s research interest include nondestructive evaluation and characterization of materials, and in-situ monitoring and control for manufacturing processes and machineries.  His interests also include development of advance manufacturing and material processing techniques such as metal additive manufacturing, Friction Stir Welding and Cold Spray, Polymers and Composites.


Taheri, H., Shoaib, M.R.M., Koester, L.W., Bigelow, T.A., Collins, P.C., Bond, L.J., “Powder based additive manufacturing – A review of types of defects, generation mechanisms, detection and evaluation metrology.” Int. J. of Additive and Subtractive Materials Manufacturing, 1(2), pp:172-209, 2017.

Taheri, H., Du, J., Delfanian, F., “Experimental Observation of Phased Array Guided Wave Application in Composite Materials.” Materials Evaluation, 75(10):1308-1316, 2017.

Koester, L.W., Bond, L.J., Collins, P.C., Taheri, H., Bigelow, T.A., “Non-Destructive Evaluation of Additively Manufactured Metallic Parts.” in Metals Handbook, Volume 17, Nondestructive Evaluation and Quality Control., Metals Park, Ohio: ASM International., 2018.

Koester, L.W., Taheri, H., Bigelow, T.A., Collins, P.C., Bond, L.J. “Nondestructive Testing for Parts Fabricated Using Additive Manufacturing”, Materials Evaluation, 76(4):514{524, 2018.

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