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Manufacturing Engineering

About Manufacturing Engineering at Georgia Southern

Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia received approval from the University System of Georgia Board of Regents in August of 2014 to offer a B.S. in Manufacturing Engineering on its main campus beginning August 2015. This new degree is offered through Georgia Southern’s College of Engineering and Computing. Since its origination, the Manufacturing Engineering Department has grown to 11 faculty.  The program is unique in that it provides a more hands-on and kinesthetic approach compared to traditionally encountered in engineering programs at other institutions.

Why study Manufacturing Engineering at Georgia Southern?

The State of Georgia, the southeastern region and the entire country are experiencing strong resurgence and advancement in manufacturing capacity. At the same time, we are confronted with an aging workforce of trained manufacturing engineers. Georgia Southern University is ideally situated geographically and experientially to form a regional hub in applied engineering education – one that naturally includes a BS in Manufacturing Engineering to address the current and future needs of manufacturers. Such a program will complement our continuing cultural hallmark of engagement that bridges theory with practice, while also reaffirming a commitment to advancing the state of Georgia and the region through the benefits of higher education. The state economy is in dire need of young, innovatively prepared manufacturing engineers, and the potential synergy with our existing applied engineering programs makes Georgia Southern the ideal campus in the University System of Georgia to serve this need.

The University recognizes the benefit of supporting (and promoting) a regional and statewide resurgence in manufacturing, especially with regard to the economic development of the region we serve. Based upon past and recent programmatic experience and successes, Georgia Southern is ideally suited to provide such a program. Absent another comparable ABET accredited program within a 450-mile radius of the University, it is critical that Georgia Southern take the lead in providing the essential regional and statewide leadership by educating the next generation of manufacturing engineers for high paying, professionally rewarding careers.

See the Manufacturing Engineering Department Chair, Dr. Cox, discussing the program with Savannah CEO online.