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WebBSIT is a Bachelor of Science degree program in Information Technology designed to meet your needs for any time, any place learning. Georgia’s WebBSIT program produces Information Technology graduates with the knowledge, skills and abilities required to meet the needs of the state’s employers.

Courses are available via the Internet, so you can learn wherever you have Internet connection and a computer – at home, at work or on the road. The program is designed to provide access to a Bachelor of Science degree program for those who might otherwise be unable to pursue a college education, including IT professionals who want to complete their degrees; stay-at-home parents who want to upgrade their skills and separating or active military personnel. Plus, WebBSIT is offered by accredited Georgia institutions – the same colleges and universities you would attend in person to get a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology.


All WebBSIT students must be enrolled at one of the five WebBSIT institutions. Students from other institutions who wish to take a single course may do so as a transient student on a space-available basis. The E-tuition rate applies to all WebBSIT courses whether taken singly or as part of the program.

The WebBSIT is a Bachelor’s degree, so you will have to complete a general education curriculum. This is typically the first two years of an undergraduate degree, including basic courses such as math, science, history, English and an IT concentration (Area F). IT Area F courses are available online through the WebBSIT program.

The program is basically the last two years of a Bachelor’s degree, only the IT major courses, with the assumption the general education curriculum has been completed. If you have not completed the general education curriculum, or are close, you will need to do so before starting this program. See the WebBSIT Course List for prospective students on the WebBSIT website.

The First Step: Fill out and submit the inquiry form.

Spaces are limited in the WebBSIT courses, so it is strongly recommended that you contact the WebBSIT Program using the Inquiry Form before applying to one of the WebBSIT institutions. Through this correspondence, you will be advised on the best admissions path, potentially saving you the expense of applying to multiple institutions and the frustration of failing to get a space in the program.

The Second Step: Submit your information to a WebBSIT Advisor to begin to apply for admission.

Here are a few hints for completing the application at a WebBSIT institution. Make sure you select the correct admissions process (new freshman, transfer student, etc.) and select the correct field of study for the WebBSIT program. You will find WebBSIT in the Undergraduate Bachelor Degree Programs.


Selected course(s) may require one or more “proctored experiences” which are labs or examinations conducted under supervision at an approved testing facility. There are many approved testing facilities both within Georgia and throughout the country and some charge a fee for their service. Such fees are the responsibility of the student. The course syllabus sets forth the proctored experience requirements, if any.


A maximum of 90 hours of coursework may be transferable into the program. The WebBSIT program requires 30 hours of coursework must be completed online via the WebBSIT, of which 24 hours must come from required core courses.



None other than an Internet connection.
None other than the general education core as described above.

Best Value Online IT Degree BadgeThe Georgia WebBSIT offers quality education at tuition rates well below the national average for AACSB-accredited universities. Both Business Week online and U.S. News & World Report online list our competitive tuition costs as compared to peer schools.

The total program tuition for in-state and out-of-state students currently is $350 per credit hour, which equals $1050 per course. Students must take two courses per semesters, with each course equal to three credit hours. The cost is split over five consecutive semesters, which last a total of 18 to 20 months. Costs are subject to change. Our course-ware can be accessed via the Internet without purchasing proprietary software.


Tuition for the Georgia WebBSIT program is determined by a special rate called E-Tuition. It is the same rate for in-state and out-of-state students, and is charged by the credit hour no matter how many courses you take.

Students may use financial aid to pay for WebBSIT courses just as they would with traditional campus classes. Financial aid information is available at your institution’s Financial Aid Office. Contact them for help with eligibility and application procedures or other questions about aid.


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Erica Colbert, advisor, WebBSIT and MS programs – ercolbert@georgiasouthern.edu, 912-478-3007


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