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Tech Requirements for New Students

Processor (CPU)
  • Windows: Intel Core i5 (7th generation/7000 series) or AMD Ryzen or better.
Monitor and video card
  • Laptop: 13″ screen or larger.
  • Desktop: 19″ monitor or larger, dual-monitor capable video card.
  • 500 gigabytes or larger solid state drives./li>
  • Memory (RAM) – The more RAM the better.
  • 8 gigabytes or more for typical use.
  • 16 gigabytes or more for AutoCAD, Adobe Creative Suite applications and other graphic and video intensive applications.
Removable storage
  • External hard drive which meets or exceeds your storage capacity (for backups). – Student will receive free google cloud storage along with their user account.
  • USB flash drive (requires USB port). – USB-3

Our IT service professional does not recommend “Google Chromebook” or “a Mac computer”, as most of the computer labs have windows based machines. And in the “real world”, most of the devices that students will interact with are windows based. Also, a CD-ROM drive is not necessary. Most software is download.

Last updated: 6/28/2021