IT 5135 – Data Analytics

Previously IT 4135 Information Organization and Retrieval

Course Description

This course covers the basic issues involved in building and populating a data mart to support the planning, designing and building of business intelligence applications and data analytics. Core concepts related to business intelligence and analytics are covered. For graduate students a significant research project will be assigned as a culminating experience.


A minimum grade of “C” in IT 3131, MATH 2130, and BUSA 3131 or STAT 2231 or permission of instructor.

Course Outcomes

On completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Understand the information retrieval (IR) “problem”.
  2. Understand the functions of an IR system.
  3. Analyze the components of an IR system.
  4. Evaluate and discuss measures to improve the performance of an IR system.
  5. Examine current issues in IR, including how to represent, organize and retrieve multimedia information.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to search the web, libraries/ bibliographical systems and/or digital libraries for specified information.
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of the common IR models.
  8. Use IR models to represent documents and queries.
  9. Use IR models to match user queries to a set of documents.
  10. Be able to critique various user interface designs in IR systems.

Rationale for Inclusion

Advanced course work that builds on the fundamental course work to provide depth.

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