CISM 4238 – Network Administration

Course Description

An applied study of the problems inherent in the maintenance and management of the heterogeneous networking environments in the modern business enterprise.  Emphasis will be placed on acquiring and integrating the practical management/technical skills that define the effective networking specialist.


A ‘C’ or better in CISM 3134 – Data Communications.

Course Outcomes

On completion of the course, students will be able to:

  1. Manage networks through a network operating system.
  2. Use applicable tools to troubleshoot network problems.
  3. Understand network-related security issues.
  4. Understand networking devices and hardware.
  5. Demonstrate knowledge of a layered approach to network protocols using OSI and TCP/IP.
  6. Demonstrate expertise in the use of TCP/IP-based applications (e.g. DNS, SMTP, DHCP, HTTP, FTP and SSH)
  7. Understand basics of IP addressing and supernetting.

Rationale for Inclusion

Advanced course work that builds on the fundamental course work to provide depth.

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