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IT professionals focus on meeting the needs of technology users within an organizational and societal context through the selection, creation, application, integration and administration of computing technologies. They must, therefore, have a good understanding of the various information technologies and the type of activity in which the organization is involved. The BSIT prepares students for careers as IT professionals.

The Georgia Southern BSIT program may be completed at the Statesboro Campus or at the Armstrong Campus in Savannah. Students complete a set of core IT courses, a required internship experience, and an IT specialization area with options in Information Management, Networking and Datacenter Management, Web and Mobile Foundations, or Cyber Security. Learn more about your IT program options.

Students may choose the BSIT with a Data Science concentration available at the Statesboro Campus. In addition to common IT core courses, the data science degree also requires courses that focus on the skills needed to manage big data. See what’s different about the Data Science concentration and read more about big data and the emerging data science scene at Georgia Southern.

Armstrong Students Enrolled in the BIT (prior to fall 2018)

Students currently pursuing the Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) or the Bachelor of Information Technology in Cyber Security on the Armstrong Campus may continue in their current degree program through the teach-out provision.

New students at the Armstrong Campus will be admitted to the the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree program beginning fall of 2018.

Other Resources for Armstrong Students

Statesboro Students Enrolled in the BSIT (prior to fall 2018)

Below you will find the IT program requirements and course descriptions for current students who started the program at the Statesboro Campus prior to August 2018(Note: Additional requirements apply to students who entered the program prior to Fall 2016. These students should check with their advisor for details).

Required Core IT Courses Prior to August 2018


Core IT courses for students who started fall 2012 through spring/summer 2018 at the Statesboro Campus:

Students entering the IT program prior to fall 2012 should refer to the Prior IT Core Requirements information.

Course Description
IT 1130 Introduction to I.T. ico-web
IT 1430 Web Page Development ico-web
IT 2333 IT Infrastructure ico-web
MATH 2130 Discrete Mathematics ico-web
WRIT 2130 Technical Communications ico-web

IT 3130 Web Application Design and Development I*


IT 2430 Data Programming I*




IT 3131 Web Application Design and Development II*


IT 2431 Data Programming II*




CISM 3134 Data Communications ico-web
IT 3233 Database Design and Implementation ico-web
IT 3234 Systems Acquisition, Integration, and Implementation ico-web
IT 4130 I.T. Issues and Management ico-web
IT 4131 Information Technology Capstone Project ico-web
IT 4790 I.T. Internship ico-web

*IT majors must complete one of two programming course sequences: either IT 2430 and IT 2431, or IT 3130 and IT 3131. The appropriate sequence depends on the student’s Specialization Area. Students in the Data Science concentration must take the data programming sequence, IT 2430 and IT 2431. Students should consult with their advisor prior to enrolling in these courses.


In addition the core, students must choose an I.T. specialization.

Information Management

Course Description
IT 5135 Data Analytics (Spring)– previously IT 4135 Information Organization and Retrieval ico-web
IT 4136 Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (Fall) ico-web
CISM 4237 Business Intelligence ico-web

Networking and Datacenter Administration

Course Description

IT 4335 Network Architecture (Spring) or

CISM 4238 Network Administration

and 2 of the following
IT 4234 Datacenter Management (Fall) ico-web
IT 5433 Information Storage and Management (Spring) ico-web
IT 5434 Network Security Fundamentals (Fall) ico-web

Web and Mobile Foundations:
(previously Web and Multimedia Foundations)

Course Description
IT 3132 Web Software (Spring and Fall) ico-web

IT 5235/5235H Advanced Web Interfaces


IT 5233 Web and Mobile Security Fundamentals

IT 5236 Mobile Web Infrastructure ico-web

In the event that courses are unavailable due to scheduling of course rotations, students must obtain permission from Dr. Hong Zhang, Interim Chair for any substitutions.

Dr. Hong Zhang, Interim Chair, Department of Information Technology

CEIT Room 2120

Phone: (912) 478-4848
Email: hzhang@georgiasouthern.edu

Data Science Concentration

As of fall of 2016, students may choose the new Data Science Concentration instead of an IT specialization. In addition to common IT core courses, the data science degree requires a program of study with a prescribed course sequence having a focus on the skills needed to manage big data.

See what’s different about the Data Science Concentration available at the Statesboro Campus and read more about big data and the emerging data science scene at Georgia Southern.


Every IT major is expected to complete a 280 hour internship in a related field.

Students should visit the Internship forms and resources page for additional details.
  • When should you complete the internship requirement?
    • Before you graduate!
    • Typically you will need to have completed the following courses:
      • IT 1130
      • IT 1430
      • IT 2333
      • IT 3130
      • CISM 3134
      • IT 3233
    • However, each internship requires different skills, so it depends.
    • For more information regarding the internship evaluation process, please see Internship Forms and Resources.

IT Internship Contact Information
Dr. John R. O’Malley, Jr.
Room IT 2110
Phone: (912) 478-0755
Email: jomalley@georgiasouthern.edu

All IT students must obtain approval for internships from Dr. John O’Malley or from the chair of the Department of Information Technology.

Sample Program of Study

IT Program Contact Information

Dr. Hong Zhang, Interim Chair, Department of Information Technology
IT Room 2120
Phone: (912) 478-4848
Email: hzhang@georgiasouthern.edu


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