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Record-Breaking: IT Graduates in 2018-19

The B.S. in Information Technology program hit a record-high graduation rate in 2018-19, graduating a total of 201 students, almost doubling the previous year. “In general, all departments in the College of Engineering and Computing saw increases of graduates from last year; our IT program is especially honored to have made the greatest contribution by graduating the most across all departments,” said Dr. Ji, Professor and Chair of the IT department.

Similarly, our Master’s program also produced significantly more graduates, increasing from 7 (in 2017-18) to 12 (in 2018-19). Many of our recent graduates are with Fortune 500 companies, such as Intel and Cisco, with starting salaries ranging from $80K in Atlanta to over $110K in Oregon. “We are receiving a significantly increased number of applications and giving significantly more admissions this year. The projection is quite promising despite the program transition and university consolidation processes,” said Dr. Chen, the MSIT Graduate Program Director, “We expect to receive more applications for Spring 2020.”

Technology is creating massive and radical transformations to our lives, and more importantly, the way consumers and businesses interact. Skilled computer and information technology professionals are highly sought in every job sector, including sciences, engineering, social sciences, and business. Education in IT is becoming even more critical for career success in the future. In fact, thanks to the new and emerging applications of cybersecurity, data science, and the Internet of Things, jobs in computer and information technology fields are projected to grow at a much higher rate than the average among all other occupations. Interested students are welcome to visit our IT homepage and contact us for enrollment and participation.


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