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Faculty & Staff

Faculty of the College

Currently, the College of Engineering & Computing comprises 109 faculty and 18 staff members in its six departments and the Dean’s Offices.  Faculty governance is important to Georgia Southern, and our faculty are no different.  College of Engineering & Computing faculty teach multiple courses each year, conduct research, and provide service to the College, University and their profession.

College and Department Committees

The College of Engineering & Computing serve on departmental committees, such as Curriculum, Promotion & Tenure, and faculty search committees.  They also serve on the six standing College committees:  the Faculty Governance Committee; the Faculty Development, Promotion & Tenure Committee; the Curriculum & Programs Committee; the College Awards Committee; the College Research Committee; and the Scholarships Committee; as well as ad hoc committees.  Faculty also enjoy serving as mentors for the more than 25 student organizations within the College.  For more information about the College Committees, click here.

University Committees

The University has announced committee appointments for the 2021-22 academic year.

Faculty Senators

Senate Alternates

Academic Standards

Faculty Development

Faculty Research

Faculty Service

Faculty Welfare

General Education & Core Curriculum




Planning, Budget & Facilities

Senate Elections

Senate Executive

Student Success



Last updated: 10/10/2022