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Faculty & Staff

Currently, the College of Engineering & Computing comprises 100 faculty in all six of its departments and the Dean’s Offices.  Faculty governance is important to Georgia Southern, and our faculty are no different.  College of Engineering & Computing faculty teach multiple courses each year, conduct research, and provide service to the College, University and their profession.

The College of Engineering & Computing serve on departmental committees, such as Curriculum, Promotion & Tenure, and faculty search committees.  They also serve on the six College committees:  the Faculty Governance Committee; the Faculty Development, Promotion & Tenure Committee; the Curriculum & Programs Committee; the College Awards Committee; the College Research Committee; and the Scholarships Committee.  For more information about the College Committees, click here.

The University has announced committee appointments for the 2018-19 academic year.

Faculty Senators

  • Rocio Alba Flores (ECE), term ends 2019
  • Peter Rogers (CEC), term ends 2019
  • Anoop Desai (MechE), term ends 2020
  • Hayden Wimmer (IT), term ends 2020
  • Jim Harris (CS), term ends 2021
  • Wayne Johnson (MechE), term ends 2020

Senate Alternates

  • Celine Manoosingh (CEC) , term ends 2019
  • Clint Martin (CEC), term ends 2019
  • Salman Sidiqqui (ECE), term ends 2019
  • Chris Kadlec (IT), term ends 2019
  • Cameron Coates (MechE), term ends 2019
  • Junan Shen (CEC), term ends 2019
  • David Calamas (MechE), term ends 2019

Academic Standards – Peter Rogers (CEC), term ends 2020

Faculty Development – Lei Chen (IT), term ends 2020

Faculty Research – Lei Chen (IT), term ends 2020

Faculty Service – Shahnam Navaee (CEC), term ends 2020

Faculty Welfare – Clint Martin (CEC), term ends 2020

General Education & Core Curriculum (CEC) – Clint Martin, term ends 2019

Graduate – Marcel Ilie (MechE), term ends 2020

Alternates:   Rami Haddad (ECE), term ends 2019; Celine Manoosingh (CEC), term ends 2019

Library – John O’Malley (IT), term ends 2020

Planning, Budget & Facilities – Hayden Wimmer (IT), term ends 2020

Senate Elections – Marcel Maghiar (CEC), term ends 2020

Senate Executive – tbd

Student Success – Elizabeth Rasnick (IT), term ends 2020

Undergraduate – Felix Hamza-Lup (CS), term ends 2020

Alternates – Clint Martin (CEC), term ends 2019; Rocio Alba-Flores (ECE), term ends 2019

Last updated: 4/27/2018