About Us

The Engineering Process Improvement Consortium (EPIC) is aims to use key core mathematics, engineering and statistical analysis techniques to identify and correct specific pain points for business enterprises. Due to our belief in the philosophy of continuous improvement and value true education over simple training, we can teach members of your organization to solve complex problems using sophisticated analytical principles and techniques. These techniques can be leveraged in order to provide key business insights into the problem(s) at hand in addition to providing a strong foundation for future problem solving.

We have the capacity to train many members of your organization and can accommodate classes of up to 150 students simultaneously in a customized learning program. We suggest that employees working on projects that have substantial business impact enroll in our course at at least the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt level, which provides instruction in core project management skills and statistical analysis of data. While we can provide the relatively standard curriculum that results in process variability reduction and waste reduction that often leads to certificates in Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green and Black Belts, we encourage your enterprise to propose one or more problem(s), so that we can tailor your educational experience to your specific needs.

Engineering Process Improvement Consortium • PO Box XXXX Statesboro, GA 30460 • 678-852-5761rkrenek@georgiasouthern.edu