FEV Inc. – GSU – Engine Combustion Laboratory – Joint Internship for Master Students

FEV is offering challenging internships in the field of light-duty diesel powertrain. This internship is designed for Masters of Science candidates in collaboration with Dr. Valentin Soloiu, the Distinguished Allen E Paulson Chair in Georgia Southern University. At FEV, engineering intern will be part of a team and receives project tasks and responsibilities within a group, which are mentored and supervised by an experienced project engineer. The tasks include but are not limited to engine dynamometer testing of diesel engines, vehicle testing for emissions and performance and associated data handling, processing and presenting combustion and performance data, engine and aftertreatment control strategy development, rapid control prototyping using MATLAB/Simulink/C environments and participate in internal FEV training and experience sharing activities. Because of the complexity of the tasks encountered in the daily job, FEV prefers internship duration of min 9 months to 1 year. Interested candidates can submit resumes and questions to the contact information listed below.

Position Announcement: FEVInc_Students_GSU

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