Data-driven Adaptive Optimal Control and Its Applications

   Abstract: In many industrial applications, constructing an accurate model from physical laws is a hard and time-consuming undertaking, which makes traditional model-based control approaches impractical. With the recent advance of information science and technologies, scientists and engineers are actively seeking efficient ways to develop data-driven intelligent control systems that are highly robust, adaptive, scalable to uncertain or unknown environments. Adaptive dynamic programming (ADP) is a practically sound data-driven, non-model-based approach for control design in complex systems. In this talk, I will introduce a novel framework for adaptive optimal control by ADP. This framework can be employed to address different control problems, including output regulation, cooperative control and output-feedback control of linear and nonlinear dynamical systems. I will also present its applications to intelligent transportation systems, especially connected vehicles and autonomous vehicles. The future research challenges and opportunities in this area will be discussed as well.

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