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Faculty & Staff Directory

Dean’s Office

Name Title Phone (912) Office Email
Mohammad S. Davoud Dean 478-7170 IT 3400F
David A. Williams Associate Dean for Students and Curriculum 478-7483 IT 3400H icon_email
vacant Associate Dean for Faculty and Research 478-5473 IT 3400J
Reinhold Gerbsch Director of Industrial Relations, Assessment & Accreditation 478-5474 IT 3400I icon_email
Barbara N. Gooby Executive Assistant to the Dean 478-7170 IT 3405 icon_email
Elizabeth Mundhenke Senior Administrative Assistant & Budget Manager 478-7166 IT 3400G icon_email
Cassie Corbin Administrative Coordinator 478-7412 IT 3400 icon_email

Assistant Dean, Armstrong

Name Title Phone (912) Office Email
Ashraf Saad Assistant Dean 344-3084 UH 242
Charlotte Fletcher Administrative Assistant 344-2571 UH 242 (Armstrong)
Shanina Guyton Administrative Assistant 344-2542 SC 202 (Armstrong)

Civil Engineering and Construction

Name Title Phone (912) Office Email
Bob Boone Part-time Faculty Retiree 478-4157 ENGR 1101J icon_email
Francisco Cubas-Suazo Associate Professor 478-2822 ENGR 1101D icon_email
George Fu Professor 478-5003 ENGR 1126 icon_email
Michelle Hall Administrative Assistant 478-1894 ENGR 1120 icon_email
Saman Hedjazi Assistant Professor 478-5855 ENGR 1101F icon_email
Shawn Jackson Lab Supervisor 478-6066 ENGR 1107 icon_email
Myung “Michael” Jeong Associate Professor 478-7284 ENGR 1125 icon_email
Seonghoon Kim Associate Professor 478-7289 ENGR 1121 icon_email
Marcel Maghiar Associate Professor 478-5833 ENGR 1101E icon_email
Gustavo Maldonado Professor 478-0016 ENGR 1127 icon_email
Celine Manoosingh Associate Professor 478-6266 ENGR 1101C icon_email
Clint Martin Senior Lecturer 478-0191 ENGR 1101B icon_email
Soonkie Nam Assistant Professor 478-2343 ENGR 1101K icon_email
Shahnam Navaee Professor 478-6556 ENGR 1122 icon_email
Roger Purcell Part-time Faculty Retiree icon_email
L. Stetson Rowles Assistant Professor
David Scott Professor and Chair 478-6453 ENGR 1120A icon_email
Junan Shen Professor 478-0084 ENGR 1123 icon_email
Song Wang Part-time Instructor icon_email
Xiaoming Yang Assistant Professor 478-1877 ENGR 1101L icon_email

Computer Science

Name Title Phone (912) Office Email
Andrew Allen Associate Professor 478-5351 IT 2327 icon_email
Ryan Florin Assistant Professor 478-5733 IT 2331 icon_email
Felix Hamza-Lup Professor 344-2680 SC 274
Administrative Assistant 478-2727 IT 2313 icon_email
Lixin Li Professor 478-7646 IT 2325 icon_email
Y. Daniel Liang Professor 344-3264 SC 272
Murali Medidi Professor 478-1152 IT 2319 icon_email
Weitian Tong Assistant Professor 478-7251 IT 2305 icon_email
Ray Tyler-Hashemi Professor 344-2906 SC 276
Gursimran Walia  Professor and Chair 478-2727 IT 2313A icon_email
Kai Wang Associate Professor 478-7392 IT 2307 icon_email
Christopher Williams Senior Lecturer 344-3263 UH249A icon_email
Yao Xu Assistant Professor 478-1357 IT 2321
Hong Zhang Professor 344-3264 SC 208 icon_email
Wen-Ran Zhang Professor 478-7198 IT 2303 icon_email

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Name Title Phone (912) Office Email
Mohammad Ahad Associate Professor 478-5858 IT 1321 icon_email
Rocio Alba-Flores Associate Professor 478-5103 IT 1319 icon_email
Tiffany Courdin Sr. Administrative Assistant 478-5373 IT 1313 icon_email
Masoud Davari Associate Professor 478-1312 IT 1116 icon_email
Rami Haddad Associate Professor 478-8582 IT 1311 icon_email
Reza Hamidi Assistant Professor 478-2574 IT 1327 icon_email
Youakim Kalaani Professor and Chair 478-0006 IT 1313A icon_email
Jahangir Khairabadi Laboratory Supervisor 478-8900 ENGR 2106A icon_email
Seungmo Kim Assistant Professor 478-0539 IT 1307 icon_email
Sungkyun Lim Associate Professor 478-2266 IT 1309 icon_email
Hadi Moazzam Lecturer 478-1311 IT 1301 icon_email
Thomas Murphy Associate Professor 344-2709 UH 249D
Fernando Rios Associate Professor 478-5005 IT 1329 icon_email
Md Ghazy Shehata Instructor 478-2371 IT 1325 icon_email
Salman Siddiqui Senior Lecturer 478-5612 IT 1323 icon_email
Hongjun Su Associate Professor 344-3158 SC 266

Information Technology

Name Title Phone (912) Office Email
Cheryl Aasheim Professor 478-5165 IT 2114 icon_email
Neda Aslsabbaghpourhokmabadi Instructor 478-6994 IT 2106 icon_email
Joseph Bullington Lecturer 478-6096 IT 1120 icon_email
Lei Chen Associate Professor 478-1256 IT 2118 icon_email
Kristen Hawkins Lecturer 478-2281 IT 2116 icon_email
Yiming Ji Professor and Chair 478-7679 IT 2120A icon_email
Chris Kadlec Associate Professor 478-7357 IT 2130 icon_email
Frank Katz Assistant Professor 344-3192 SC 210
Jongyeop Kim Assistant Professor 478-7413 IT 2320 icon_email
Natasha Lovette Administrative Assistant 478-4848 IT 2120 icon_email
Atef Mohammad Assistant Professor 478-7756 IT 2126 icon_email
John O’Malley Assistant Professor 478-0755 IT 2110 icon_email
Elizabeth Rasnick Assistant Professor 478-8445 IT 2108 icon_email
Russell Thackston Associate Professor 478-4218 IT 2132 icon_email
Hayden Wimmer Associate Professor 478-4121 IT 2102 icon_email
Hao Zhang Instructor 478-2189 IT 2128 icon_email

Manufacturing Engineering

Name Title Phone (912) Office Email
Mahmoud Baniasadi Assistant Professor 478-5920 ERB icon_email
Daniel J. Cox Professor and Chair 478-8044 ERB icon_email
Tara Drake Administrative Assistant 478-2464 ERB icon_email
Haijun Gong Assistant Professor 478-2554 ERB icon_email
Vladimir Gurau Assistant Professor 478-5205 ERB icon_email
Kamran Kardel Assistant Professor 478-8566 ERB icon_email
Russell Krenek Assistant Professor 478-5931 ERB icon_email
Andrew Michaud Laboratory Supervisor 478-5869 ERB icon_email
Jingjing Qing Assistant Professor 478-6013 ERB icon_email
Dean (“Drew”) Snelling Assistant Professor 478-2285 ERB icon_email
Hossein Taheri Assistant Professor 478-7463 ERB icon_email
Lianjun Wu Assistant Professor 478-1459 ERB icon_email
Yue (“Jack”) Zhang Assistant Professor 478-1112 ERB icon_email

Mechanical Engineering

Name Title Phone (912) Office Email
Hossain Ahmed Assistant professor
Prakash Bhoi Assistant Professor 478-8060 ERB 3034 icon_email
David Calamas Associate Professor 478-5751 ENGR 2130 icon_email
Sevki Cesmeci Assistant Professor 478-8449 ERB 3055 icon_email
JungHun Choi Assistant Professor 478-4123 IT 1114 icon_email
Anoop Desai Professor 478-7558 ENGR 2128 icon_email
Wendy Fletcher Administrative Assistant 478-5761 ENGR 2125 icon_email
Christopher Gerdmann Laboratory Supervisor 478-6077 ENGR 1105 icon_email
Jammie Gillis Administrative Assistant 478-5761 ENGR 2121 icon_email
Priya Goeser Professor 344-2874 UH 249B
Khan Habeeb ur Rahman Lecturer 478-5787 Carruth 1028C icon_email
Spencer Harp Lecturer 478-0518 ERB 3057 icon_email
Jeffrey Hoopes Laboratory Supervisor 478-0094 Carruth 1015A icon_email
Marcel Ilie Assistant Professor 478-8062 IT 3114 icon_email
Wayne Johnson Professor 344-2741 UH 249C
Mujibur Khan Associate Professor 478-8004 ERB 3061 icon_email
Jinki Kim Assistant Professor 478-6012 IT 1122 icon_email
Ermias Koricho Assistant Professor 478-8006 ENGR 2129 icon_email
Aniruddha Mitra Professor 478-5129 ENGR 2135 icon_email
Gustavo J. Molina Professor 478-0125 ENGR 2137 icon_email
Md Jahidur Rahman Visiting Instructor 478-6014 IT 3144 icon_email
Mosfequr Rahman Associate Professor 478-5004 ENGR 2126 icon_email
Sirajus Salekeen Assistant Professor 478-2347 ENGR 1101J icon_email
Biswanath Samanta Associate Professor 478-0334 ENGR 2133 icon_email
Bishal Silwal Associate Professor 478-0542 ERB 3063 icon_email
Valentin Soloiu Allen E. Paulson Chair of Renewable Energy / Professor 478-2293 ENGR 2127 icon_email
Md Nizam Uddin Visiting Assistant Professor 478-0588 IT 3118 icon_email
Brian L Vlcek Chair & Professor 478-5721 ENGR 2121A icon_email
Mingzhi Xu Assistant Professor 478-6076 ERB 3059 icon_email
Shaowen Xu Associate Professor 478-5006 ERB 3065 icon_email

Affiliated Staff

Name Title Phone (912) Office Email
Andrew Merrifield Technical Services, Network Specialist 478-8019 ENGR 1101H icon_email
Grant Turner Technical Services, Information Systems Coordinator (IT Bldg.) 478-7226 IT 2136 mail_icon

Student Advisement Center

Name Title Phone (912) Office Email
Jasmine Brown Academic Advisor 478-2503 IT 1126 icon_email
Erica Colbert Academic Advisor for BIT Online and MS programs 478-3007 IT 3004 icon_email
Franklin Collins Academic Advisor 478-5112 IT 1208J icon_email
Kimberly Couch Academic Advisor 478-8038 IT 1208E icon_email
Jessica Hollingsworth Academic Advisor 344-2570 Liberty campus icon_email
Chayla Jackson  Academic Advisor 478-2275 IT 1128 icon_email
Melissa Jackson Academic Advisor 478-2828 IT 1208C icon_email
Chelsea Lanier Academic Advisor 478-0177 IT 1208K icon_email
Moses Malloy Academic Advisor 344-2590 Student Success Ctr. icon_email
Nicole Marshall Academic Advisor 478-0511 IT 1208F icon_email
Kayla Paulk Academic Advisor 478-1123 IT 1132 icon_email
Adam Post Academic Advisor 478-0453 IT 1208H icon_email
Terri Savage Academic Advisor 478-2505 IT 1124 icon_email
Kathy Shepherd Coordinator, Student Services Center 478-8039 IT 1208G icon_email
Jakita Taylor Administrative Assistant 478-8039 IT 1208G icon_email
Crystal Tisby Academic Advisor 478-6065 IT 1208I icon_email
Stephanie White Academic Advisor 478-2350 IT 1124 icon_email

Last updated: 6/23/2021