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Undergraduate Degrees

B.S. Civil Engineering

  • You’ll gain broad exposure to the water resources/environmental, structural, transportation-pavement/geotechnical, construction and surveying/geomatics areas of the civil engineering degree, but you’ll also learn how to apply these areas in professional practice.
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B.S. Computer Engineering

  • Georgia Southern’s Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering program blends classroom instruction with laboratory hands-on experience to train you in the areas of analog and digital circuits, electronics, signal processing, computer architecture, software engineering, microcontrollers, embedded systems, and robotics.
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B.S. Computer Science

  • Earning your bachelor’s degree in computer science gives you the ability to adapt to new technologies and ideas and work with experts to develop innovative ways to harness the power of computing to solve problems.
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B.S. Construction

  • A bachelor’s degree in construction management will prepare you to oversee construction projects in all stages and allow you to work as part of a team with architects and engineers, budget with cost estimators, and manage construction with laborers.
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B.S. Construction Engineering

  • This program develops construction engineers who are equipped to design and oversee the construction, maintenance and rebuilding of infrastructural facilities such as roads, bridges, airports, buildings and water treatment facilities in ways that best meet the unique demands of a particular environment.
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B.S. Electrical Engineering

  • Georgia Southern’s Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering program blends classroom instruction with laboratory hands-on experience to train you in the areas of electronics, digital communication, computer architecture, robotics, control, and electrical power systems.
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B.S. Information Technology

  • The Information Technology degree program covers the main information technologies of programming, database, networking, cybersecurity and web and mobile development, while stressing the applications of these technologies in a range of different areas.
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B.S. Manufacturing Engineering

  • A bachelor’s degree in Manufacturing Engineering prepares you to be an industrial problem-solver who can create workflows that integrate facilities, equipment, personnel and methods necessary for the efficient and safe manufacture of products sold all over the world.
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B.S. Mechanical Engineering

  • The Mechanical Engineering program produces engineers that help design a wide variety of products including robots, combustion engines, aircraft components, spacecraft, personal computers, air conditioners, medical devices and power plants.
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Last updated: 9/9/2020