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Online Programs & Certificates

Federal law requires colleges and universities to make certain disclosures to prospective students of these programs.  These disclosures include information on the University’s authority to operate outside of Georgia, complaint processes, adverse actions, and refunds.

For required disclosures in general with regard to online programs offered by the University, visit the Office of Legal Affairs website.

Online Degrees

WebBSIT in Information Technology

The online WebBSIT program has been deactivated effective December 2020.  For more information about earning an online BS in Information Technology, please contact Ms. Erica Colbert:; 912-478-3007.  Ms. Colbert can provide information about Georgia Southern’s new online WebBIT program, which is currently in the approval process.

M.S.A.E in Engineering Management

The engineering workforce fills the present and future needs of our society through the development and introduction of new products. Entrepreneurs and managers have a momentous responsibility and a crucial mission within this process. Georgia Southern’s MSAE program emphasis on collective and critical thinking in the Engineering Management concentration encourages an open mind to innovation.

Online Certificates

Graduate Certificate in Engineering & Manufacturing Management

Engineering & Manufacturing Managers coordinate the entire range of production factors, adapting scientific and practical approaches in order to create favorable conditions for the profitable development of the country`s industrial activities. Georgia Southern’s graduate certificate in Engineering & Manufacturing Management provides a scientific and rational approach to the relevant issues with courses in management and various technological arenas.

Graduate Certificate in Occupational Safety & Environmental Compliance

Occupational Safety experts assess exposure to, evaluate the consequences of, and institute techniques for control of occupational hazards. Environmental Compliance experts perform and maintain industrial hygiene, safety engineering, environmental sanitation, fire protection and/or radiological health. Georgia Southern’s graduate certificate in Occupational Safety & Environmental Compliance helps students explore solutions to a variety of current issues.

Last updated: 11/8/2019