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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find employment? Graduates can find employment just about anywhere they want to live. Logically, there will be more opportunities in the Atlanta area than in southwest Georgia. We hope that our graduates get jobs all over the United States, from Atlanta to California.

Can I get licensed as a surveyor? The program at Georgia Southern University is set up to support graduated students in obtaining surveyor’s licenses in Georgia. Completing the necessary courses, obtaining the required experience (four to eight years depending on your education) and successfully passing two exams (Fundamentals of Surveying (FS) and Professional licensed Surveyor (PS) exams) leads to licensure as a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS). You can see the surveying exam applications and information at the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying (NCEES) website.

What types of jobs can I get after completing my surveying pathway at Georgia Southern University? Numerous jobs are available in the surveying-geomatics and geospatial fields depending on your education and background. The most common jobs are survey technician, survey party chief, survey project manager, computer aided design (CAD) technician, CAD manager, geographic information system (GIS) technician, GIS manager, photogrammetrist, geodesist, office manager and corporate officer. Jobs are available in the private sector and in the government sector at the local, state and federal agencies. If you are an entrepreneur at heart, setting up your surveying business is always an option after obtaining your surveying license.

What is the starting salary? Starting salaries depend on the position and the location of the employer. The Atlanta area probably has higher starting salaries. The starting salaries for licensed surveyors in Georgia can range from range from $45,000 to $90,000.

Where do graduates work? Graduates work across the United States. In Georgia, they work in small towns and large cities. Some work in small, family surveying companies. Others work in large multi-state surveying and mapping companies and civil engineering companies. Graduates can generally work where they desire, in any size firm they feel comfortable.

Is it difficult to get jobs? Like any profession, surveying employment depends on the location and the market or demand. There will be a demand for surveyors in Georgia in the future as the economy grows and the number of licensed surveyors declines due to retirement.

How difficult is it to find summer jobs? With a little effort, traditional students can obtain summer positions in the surveying or mapping fields. Career fairs at Georgia Southern University afford the student’s opportunities to seek out internships and summer employment. We would like for our students to establish a relationship with a Surveying Company as soon as possible after their first year of college.

How do I fit in at Georgia Southern University? Georgia Southern University has nearly 26,000 students and, for the traditional on-campus student, has comfortable dorms, a good research library, an event auditorium, numerous recreation opportunities, nationally recognized sports teams (e.g., NCAA football), tutoring for core classes, and a friendly atmosphere. The average class size in a surveying class size is 24 students or less. There are three faculty members with doctorates and one part-time faculty member that teach the Surveying-Geomatics courses.

Are the courses difficult? All engineering and Surveying-Geomatics courses can be difficult. Students who put sufficient effort into their studies generally pass. Students with learning disabilities are provided with help and faculty receive instruction on how to help students learn.

Can Surveying-Geomatics students get a Professional Engineering (PE) license along with a Professional Land Surveyor (PLS) license? Yes, civil engineering & construction engineering students can obtain a PE license. Additional education, experience and exams are required.

Can I take the required Surveying-Geomatics courses online? Yes, the Surveying-Geomatics courses are set up in an online platform. Four of the Surveying-Geomatics courses require labs that can be completed on campus or with the help of a Licensed Professional Surveyor (PLS option).

How much do the Surveying-Geomatics Courses Cost? The cost for a 3-hour undergraduate course (In-State) for Spring of 2021 is approximately $791.39 (additional fees may be required). To see a listing of Undergraduate Tuition and Fees, go to:

How often are the Surveying-Geomatics Courses offered? All of the Surveying-Geomatics Courses are offered at least once per year. Go to the following link to see the tentative course offering schedule: Tentative S-G Course Schedule

If you have other questions about the Surveying-Geomatics paths at Georgia Southern University, contact Dr. Roger Purcell.

Program Contact:

Dr. Roger C. Purcell, P.E., R.L.S.
Department of Civil Engineering & Construction
Georgia Southern University
P.O. Box 8077
Statesboro, GA 30460-8077
Office: Engineering Bldg. 1101A
Phone: (912) 478-5001

Last updated: 10/11/2022