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Career Opportunities

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A Degree in Computer Science, Engineering or Information Technology opens the door to a range of careers, including:

  • system administrator
  • network designer and/or administrator
  • database administrator
  • web developer
  • software engineer
  • machine designer
  • manufacturing operations
  • project management
  • construction site designer
  • computer designer
Job Prospects

Job prospects for graduates from the College of Engineering and Computing are excellent. In fact, the fastest growing occupations in the United States today are in Engineering or IT related fields.  There is currently a serious shortage of IT professionals, computer scientists and engineers in the United States, and the demand for qualified graduates is high.

Salary Expectations

Starting salaries for graduates from the College of Engineering and Computing vary greatly, and depend on the location and the organization, and whether you have any prior experience. Engineering and IT jobs are some of the highest paid positions in the country. No matter what your starting salary, you can generally expect salary increases after a few years of experience under your belt. Employers place a very high value on Co-op or Internship experience when they hire new graduates. The College provides students with every opportunity to obtain this experience through our Co-op and Internship Program.

Career Resources

There are many sites that give you more information on the types of job that may be open to you when you graduate, start with the following:

Last updated: 1/1/2018