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Willis wins first place at GEC Conference for Environmental Research

A Georgia Southern engineering graduate student from Brunswick, Georgia, won first place in the master’s degree students’ category at the recent Georgia Environmental Conference (GEC).

James Brad Willis, a mechanical engineering master’s degree student in the Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Computing, was rated the top out of 42 submissions form universities across Georgia for his research presentation titled, “Greenhouse Gas Emissions Mitigation Using Fischer-Tropsch Isoparaffinic Kerosene Alternative Fuel in a CRDI Research Engine: A Practical Solution to Cleaner Powertrain Technology for Agricultural and Coastal Fisheries.”

Willis was awarded a $1,500 cash prize and a three-night stay at Jekyll Island Resort.

“Not only did I win first place at the conference, but I also made excellent professional connections and friendships,” said Willis. “I now get to continue my research during my internship at a global aerospace corporation.”

Willis’s project was sponsored by a National Science FoundationDepartment of Defense (NSF-DoD) grant under the supervision of Valentin Soloiu, Ph.D., Allen E. Paulson distinguished chair of renewable energy. 

“Willis’ award and internship are just a few examples of the results obtained by Georgia Southern mechanical engineering students participating in the NSF-DoD grant.” said Soloiu. ”Their contributions continue to put Georgia Southern on the forefront of clean energy technology.”

from University Communications and Marketing, Sept. 20, 2023


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