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Cesar Carapia won Averitt Award for Excellence in Graduate Research

Cesar Carapia is a recipient of the 2021 Averitt Award for Excellence in Graduate Research. The Averitt Award is the highest honor bestowed upon graduate students within the Jack N. Averitt College of Graduate Studies. Mr. Carapia did the research for 4 years under the supervision of Dr. Valentin Soloiu.

Carapia is a mechanical engineering major who pursued a degree at Georgia Southern for its hands-on learning experiences. The opportunity to participate in cutting-edge research with Allen E. Paulson Distinguished Chair of Renewable Energy Valentin Soloiu, Ph.D., among others, has been a vital component to his success.

“Receiving this award helps validate that all the effort I put into my work at Georgia Southern in research is actually bearing fruit, not only through the research papers I publish but also through acknowledgment from my peers,” Carapia said.

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