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Sade Trammell, BSCE ’13

Like many engineers, Sade Trammell loves learning. Even now, more than seven years after graduating from Georgia Southern’s first Civil Engineering cohort, she reads all the time via Audible®. This works well in her current job with Norfolk Southern as Supervisor of Track Inspections, which involves a lot of driving, so she can listen to, for instance, Michelle Obama’s memoir Becoming, while she’s cruising along the roads and railroad tracks from job site to job site.

Another kind of life-long learning Trammell enjoys is travel. She has been to several areas of the Caribbean, including Cancun, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and the Bahamas – but her favorite excursion took her further afield. In 2019 she and a friend toured Dubai, Amsterdam and Paris. I really love getting to know about other cultures and exploring new foods, Trammell enthused.

Originally from Atlanta, Trammell is a first-generation college student. She also held down two jobs while attending Georgia Southern, so she had to learn how to adult very quickly, especially how to keep up with her budget and a full schedule of classes. Trammell is the first female to graduate from the new B.S. in Civil Engineering program, which grew out of the B.S. in Civil Engineering Technology program.

GDOT hired Trammel upon her graduation straight into management as a construction project manager. Trammell enjoys management, working outside, learning and collaborating with her peers to put the end results together. She credits Georgia Southern with providing her with insight into things she sees and goes through in the field. I still have to learn a lot of new things, but Georgia Southern taught me how to study and learn. It also taught me how to be dedicated to accomplishing my assignments. What’s next for Trammell? She wants to continue to expand her horizons, perhaps get her master’s degree in structural or architectural engineering. And, when the pandemic is over, you may cross her path in some exotic location somewhere in the world.


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