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Liz Majestic, BS MechE ’13

Liz Majestic, one of the first female B.S. in Mechanical Engineering graduates from Georgia Southern, loves a challenge. Even as an undergrad, she says her favorite professor was tough. Dr. [Aniruddha] Mitra was a challenging professor but in a good way. He would help you, but you had to ask. The tests he made were hard and sometimes impossible, but he gave credit where it counted, which was the work shown. His expectations and classes helped prepare you for what an engineering job is going to throw at you.

Now, as a Product Manager at Yokogawa Corporation of America in the Atlanta area, she loves the challenges and unique applications that the team she works with needs to solve. Majestic’s job requires her to interact with all the departments at the company, and she loves analyzing the market trends and learning what products work for a customer’s specific application. She also has found that the concepts and theories she learned at Georgia Southern greatly influence her job daily. For instance, one of the product lines Majestic manages is a vortex flow meter which uses the Von Kármán effect to measure the rate of flow of a fluid or gas – she learned that concept in Fluid Dynamics (ENGR 3235).

Majestic credits her lab classes with teaching her the teamwork – collaboration and communication skills – necessary to getting her work done correctly. And she makes sure that other students gain the benefit of her experience by talking with her co-op students at Yokogawa.

Majestic and her husband live on a small farm, where they are working from home. They are thankful that they have both survived having COVID-19, and to celebrate they both got COVID puppies. Majestic also has horses, and she and her husband enjoy building items to help them around the farm. Like Trammell, Majestic also plans to continue her education, probably with an MS in Engineering Management and/or an MBA.


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