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GDOT and FHWA Fund Traffic Safety Research at Georgia Southern

The Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) recently funded two research projects led by Junan Shen, Ph.D., professor of civil engineering and construction. The research team consists of Dr. Shen and Xiaoming Yang, Ph.D., assistant professor of civil engineering and construction, both from Georgia Southern, and Youngguk Seo, Ph.D., and Tien Yee, Ph.D., from Kennesaw State University.

The team’s first project, “Optimizing Winter Roadway Treatments for George Pavement” will seek to enhance traffic safety by identifying the most effective anti-icing/de-icing solution for Georgia’s roadways, while minimizing the negative effects of the solution on pavement durability.

For the second project, the team is joined by Weinan Gao, Ph.D., assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering; and Yunfeng Chen, Ph.D., who just this year moved from Georgia Southern to Purdue University. “Cognitive Attention and its Application in Countermeasures on a Curve Section” will evaluate real-time eye movements of drivers responding to different safety countermeasures in driving simulations to evaluate traffic designs and enhance safety.


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