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TekLAN 46 | Technology event for gaming & technology enthusiasts

Statesboro Campus: A night of GAMING & NETWORKING (both computer networking and people socializing). Students in any major across the University, as well as guests, are welcome to drop-in 6pm to 2am @ the IT bldg, 2nd floor. Free event.  Attendees do not need tickets nor pre-registration for most activities. Refreshments available for purchase.

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Gaming & Networking, Fri 4/12/19 6pm to 2am
Students + Guests welcome. Drop-in to play, compete or socialize.

Most of the PC gaming happens in rooms 2208/2210, where we open the wall between the rooms and convert all the lab PCs into gaming computers. In the other rooms, we have a VR lab, console gaming, Dungeons & Dragons short campaigns, Anime Club, movies (cult classics or seasonally themed movies), boards games, and card games.

Spring 2019’s tournament game is Smash Brothers Ultimate 2.0, playing on the Nintendo Switch platform. We’ll have extra “switches,” but students often bring their own to play on. Tournament play has become so popular, we have run out of space so it has been moved to the IT building’s first-floor for players and spectators. The game played each semester tends to change to whatever is popular, such as League of Legends. 

“We pretty much take over the entire second floor of the IT building. When you come into IT, start on the second floor, walk down the hallway, you’ll see most of the events in the labs and classrooms and plenty of people walking around socializing. We usually have about 300 people total as the event runs past midnight,” said Russell Thackston, Ph.D. faculty mentor to Association of Information Technology Professionals – student chapter (AITP)

Students are encouraged to bring personal computer projects to display or demonstrate. In recent years, student creations included clear lucite computer with LED lighted interior components, an old fashioned free-standing arcade game using raspberry pi (a series of single-board computers used to learn programming skills, build hardware projects for individual, home or industry applications); rumor has it one student is working on a system built into an old-style suitcase.

Student organizations like Aurora Game Development Club, Women in Technology, Eagle ESports, Geeks n’ Gamers Club, Creators Club, and Green Ambassadors are frequent participants to promote their own works and club activities.

 “The students that come to engage in TekLAN activities are from all kinds of disciplines like political science, English or biology. We recommend attendees just jump into playing games with other students. They’ll find tons of stuff to watch, do or learn while having fun. It’s a great event for personal networking,” said Elizabeth Rasnik, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in IT, “campus organizations get involved with information booths, selling concessions and even recycling programs.” 


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