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MechE Student Ouedraogo named to 2018-19 ASME Council

Mechanical Engineering graduate student Angelika Sita Ouedraogo has been selected as one of only 21 students nationwide to serve on the 2018-2019 ASME Petroleum Division’s Collegiate Council.  The “Council is a group of motivated students whose mission is to expose, educate and help members discover opportunities within the oil and gas industry by improving their capabilities as students and future professionals.”  Council membership is a free learning and development opportunity for students who want to learn more about the oil and gas industry, network with professionals in the industry, and interact with other students who share similar interests.

Students apply for membership on the Council with a recommendation letter from their faculty mentor, their CV, and a one-page essay on petroleum industry-related research they are currently conducting.  Ms. Ouedraogo’s faculty mentor is Dr. Prakashbhai Bhoi, assistant professor of mechanical engineering.  The Collegiate Council members will attend a meeting in October to learn about the program and receive details about this year’s group project.  In the spring, they will meet again to present their Council project to members of the ASME Executive Committee.

Ms. Ouedraogo participated in the 2018 Student Research Symposium of the College of Engineering and Computing with a poster entitled: “Catalytic Pyrolysis of Dry Algae over Metals Supported Zeolite (HZSM-5) Based Catalysts into Drop-in Liquid Fuel,” in the Sustainable Energy area.


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