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Dr. Lei Chen & Dr. Lixin Li Conduct Software System Safety Workshop at Robins Air Force Base

Dr. Lei Chen (Information Technology) and Dr. Lixin Li (Computer Sciences) conducted a training workshop at Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, GA from 10-13 April 2017 for over 20 installation personnel.

Course Description

Software engineering has shifted its focus on increased productivity to reliability and safety. It is more so in military as hazard-causing faults or errors are unacceptable. It is critically important to bridge safety engineering and software engineering for the purpose of certifying the safety of the system controlled by software. In addition, human operators are one of the major sources of errors in complex systems. Insuring that the Human Computer Interface (HCI) is user-friendly and intuitive for humans to use is necessary for improving software system safety.

This training course helps military workforce to understand the fundamental concepts, methods and techniques to assure safety of software systems. Emphasis will be placed upon integrating safety consideration from software design and development process to the entire software system lifecycle, and the hazard and risk analysis of systems, as well as reducing human errors in HCI design.


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