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Student Research

research: noun – the systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions
verb – investigate systematically; discover facts by investigation source:

Why do research as a student?

  • explore career fields
  • experience one-on-one mentorship with faculty
  • improve time-management skills
  • develop critical-thinking, problem-solving, and creativity
  • work independently or in a team
  • consider interdisciplinary collaboration
  • understand hypothesis-driven vs. evidence-based learning
  • network with business & industry connections
  • compete for research awards

How does a student get started with a research project?

Check out our College’s Research Labs to find out about equipment available to students on our campuses.

Scroll through the Research Experts to learn more about the topics our faculty are researching.

Talk with your engineering or computing faculty about your research aspirations. Find a Faculty Mentor to work with you.

Additional opportunities

  • Student Research Awards – Students submit research proposals during fall semesters; The College leadership team awards research funds for student research supplies and materials.  Click here for this year’s Undergraduate Research Awards request for proposals.
  • Student Research Symposiums & Competitions – Students can present research projects/posters to business & industry professionals, other faculty mentors, and guests. Student research is “judged” based on set criteria; Some students receive recognition or funding awards.
  • Student Assistants in Research Lab – Faculty-directed research labs in the College of Engineering & Computing often use student assistants. Working in a lab provides students with additional access to areas to conduct research.

Last updated: 8/21/2019