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Industrial Relations

Why do we engage in Industrial & Corporate Relations?

  • To understand national workforce trends and support regional workforce needs
  • To provide opportunities for our students: internships, co-ops, employment – what we call “experiential learning”
  • To partner on research & development (R&D) projects through Faculty research & expertise + Student research & projects

“We partner with industry to share our engineering & computing expertise by offering professional development, classes/seminars, and research projects to enhance economic development, company performance, and to attract new industry to our region.”
~ Reinhold Gerbsch,
Director of Industrial Relations

What can Partners offer our College of Engineering & Computing?

  • Offer internships, co-ops, employment opportunities
  • Support College networking & outreach efforts to potential industry & corporate partners
  • Spotlight your company & industry during campus visits or web conferencing
  • Facilitate student tours at your company or region
  • Provide funding for student scholarships, sponsor student competitions, support student organizations
  • Partner as we build and launch our new Engineering & Research facility

For more information about our Industrial & Corporate Relations,
contact Reinhold Gerbsch, Director of Industrial Relations or 912-478- 5474

Last updated: 8/6/2020