2013 CEIT Faculty Research Seed Grants

We are very pleased to announce the recipients of the 2013 CEIT Faculty Research Seed Grants.

2013 CEIT Faculty Research Seed Grant Awards
Dr. Cheryl Aasheim (IT): “Research in Big Data Analytics”
Dr. George Fu (CE/CM): ”Instrument Request for ‘Color Removal from Pulp Mill Effluent Using Coal Ash Produced from Coal Combustion Power Plants’ Project”
Dr. Younghan Jung, Dr. Myung Jeong and Dr. Junsuk Kang (CE/CM): “A Chronological Image Analysis of Structural Failure for Innovation in Infrastructure Management”
Dr. Mujibur Khan, Dr. Aniruddha Mitra and Dr. Shaowen Xu (ME): ”Ultra-tough Hybrid Polymer/CNT Fiber for Lightweight Composite Body Armor”
Dr. Seonghoon Kim and Dr. Marcel Maghiar (CE/CM), and Dr. Lixin Li (CS): ”Developing a Knowledge-Based Information System for Construction Cost Estimating and Scheduling (KISCCES)”
Dr. Seonghoon Kim and Dr. Marcel Maghiar (CE/CM): ”Innovative Technology Application Assessment to Generate Alternative Energy in Highway Post-Construction”
Dr. Timur Mirzoev (IT): “Securing Cloud Environments for Critical Infrastructure”
Dr. Biswanath Samanta (ME) and Dr. Jordan Shropshire (IT): ”Enabling Heterogeneous Robot Swarms in a Secure Cloud Environment.:
Dr. Wei Wu (CE/CM) and Dr. Wenjia Li (CS): ”Sensors Make Data Center Smarter: An Innovative Approach to Improve Data Center Efficiency and Resiliency Using Building Information Modeling and Wireless Sensor Networks”
Dr. Shaowen Xu, Dr. Aniruddha Mitra and Dr. Sirajus Salekeen (ME): ”Bio-inspired Multi-scale Hierarchical Structured Composites for Energy Absorption and Impact Resistant Application”
Dr. Cheng Zhang (ME): ”Large Eddy Simulation of Wind Turbine Noise”
Dr. Yong Zhu (ME): ”Design and Clinical Trial of a Portable Ankle Stiffness Testing and Therapeutic Device”

CEIT-UR Symposium Awards for Best Posters

The First Annual CEIT Undergraduate Research Symposium held on April 10, 2013 was a great success, with almost 35 undergraduate and graduate student research posters exhibited.  Best Poster awards were announced in both undergraduate and graduate categories.

Congratulations to Tyler Mathis and Sherwin Davoud for Best Undergraduate Poster, with Honorable Mention to runners-up to the team of Brandon Anderson, David Glisson, Tyler Mathis and Brian Wolfe; and the team of David Giambra, Dustin Hutchinson, Tyler Mathis and Reese Grantham.

Congratulations to Alejandro Rivero-Castillo, Marvin Duggan and Jabeous Weaver for Best Graduate Poster, with Honorable Mention to runners up Emerson Christie; and the team of Martin Muinos and Jabeous Weaver.

CEIT Undergraduate Research Awards

The College of Engineering & Information Technology has awarded grants to the following undergraduate students based on research proposals they wrote and submitted.  The students will work with faculty mentors on their research projects during the 2013-14 academic year.  Congratulations to all!

Civil Engineering/Construction Management:  Veronica Chavers, Denzell Garrett, Laura Gibson, Kenneth Givens, Alexander Nagy, Arpit Patel and Abel Sualevai.

Computer Sciences:  Bradford Bazemore

Electrical Engineering:  Seth Groover, Nickolas Holcomb, Yen Le, Joseph Meador, Ashley Rahaim, Michael Santangelo, Peter Thamdorn and Jeffrey Therrien.

Mechanical Engineering:  Steven Chrysosferidis, Kevin Eagan, Maxwell Friel, Christopher Gerdmann, Martin Muinos, Thomas Nail and Evan Thomas.

Brad Bazemore takes 1st Prize in IEEE Technical Paper Competition

IEEE Best Paper WinnerJunior Bradford Bazemore, majoring in Computer Science, earned First Prize in the Technical Paper Competition at the IEEE Southeastern Convention.  The Convention was held April 5-7 in Jacksonville, FL.  Brad has also been awarded an Undergraduate Research Grant from the College of Engineering & IT for the 2013-14 academic year.

Georgia Southern University student Brad Bazemore was presented with an award from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) during a regional conference held recently in Jacksonville, Fla.

The junior from Lawrenceville, Ga., won first place in the technical paper competition. “The paper discusses a universal model for other universities to use when building cluster type super computers,” explained Bazemore. “My goal was to reduce the complexity and standardize the design of these machines.”

According to Bazemore, super computers are already being used by people in the fields of physics, chemistry, economics, engineering, medical research and many other fields. “The computers are used to do so many things, from simulating the entire known universe from the beginning of time, to searching for a cure for cancer and  AIDS and autism research,” said Bazemore. “The problem is they are all different in design and tool sets, making collaboration difficult, if not impossible.”

Bazemore is a computer sciences major in the Allen E. Paulson College of Engineering and Information Technology. “It was really nice to come in first and know that your work has been validated and be able to share my work with the scientific community,” added Bazemore.

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