I. T. Program Objectives and Outcomes


A few years after graduation, students with a BS in Information Technology will be able to::

  1. Take on positions as I.T. leaders and/or embark on a research career in the field
  2. Collaborate effectively in teams
  3. Work effectively in the IT field to make a positive contribution to society


Upon graduation, students with a BS in Information Technology will be able to:

  1. Identify and define the requirements that must be satisfied to address user needs
  2. Analyze user requirements to design IT-based solutions
  3. Identify and evaluate current technologies and assess their applicability to address individual and organizational needs
  4. Work in project teams to develop and/or implement IT-based solutions
  5. Use current computing techniques, skills, and/or technologies.

Enrollment and Graduation Data

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The primary aim of our BS program in Information Technology (IT) is to prepare students for successful careers as I.T. professionals to make a positive contribution to society. This aim will enhance the lives of our graduates and serve the needs of our constituents. We do so in accordance with ABET CAC guidelines and in full cognizance of Georgia Southern University’s aims to develop “students who value honesty, civility and the dignity of work” (Excerpt from Georgia Southern’s mission statement). At the same time, we hope to give the students an enjoyable learning experience, enhanced by innovative pedagogical approaches.

Last updated: 1/1/2018

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