Santee Cooper Fall 2017 IT Co-op

The Cooperative Education Employment Program at Santee Cooper allows students to build valuable work experience and earn money while continuing their education. In addition to the experience students receive they are also eligible for:

Sick Leave: Sixteen hours of current sick leave will be credited at the beginning of each assignment period.

Holidays: Santee Cooper provides scheduled paid holidays during each assignment period.

Wage & Salary: Santee Cooper pays students on a bi-weekly basis. The paycheck can be directly deposited into the student’s personal checking or savings account (up to a total of five different accounts) and is available on payday.

Starting Hourly Rate: varies between $19.00-$21.00 per hour

Hours: During the course of employment co-op students can expect to work an average of 40 hours per week plus any necessary overtime. Santee Cooper has flexible work hours¨ so the schedule will vary depending on the student’s job and department. The hiring supervisor will notify you of the planned schedule. Students work three alternating assignment periods. Less than or more than three work assignments may occur depending on the needs of the student and/or the company. If needed and approved by a participating school a student may work back-to-back rotations.

Deductions: Federal Tax, South Carolina State Tax, and Social Security

Optional Deductions: South Carolina Retirement System (7% – 8% of salary)

For more information about IT careers at Santee Cooper click https://www.santeecooper.com/careers/programs-internships/it-careers.aspx

Please contact Dr. O’Malley, jomalley@georgiasouthern.edu,  if you are interested in applying for the co-op position.

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