IT Intern/ Part-time job at The Sack Company

The Sack Company is a contractor with our headquarters located in Statesboro, GA. However, we do work across the southeast US. We are currently searching for someone who can come in part-time to help with various IT items we need done. We have an IT department consisting of 3 people so he or she would be working partially with them but even more so just individually but reporting directly to our COO. Hours would be flexible and pay competitive. The items we are needing done are listed below:

Digitize legacy (old) procedures – convert scanned documents to editable format

  • Task : use OCR tool (Adobe Acrobat, Bluebeam) to convert PDF files to MS-Word
  • Task: proofread and correct all OCR’d documents (OCR tools are NOT 100% accurate)

Document new procedures

  • We have created a number of new PM procedures that never existed before and need to be documented and integrated into the overall P&P document
  • Various authors will provide the raw content for the procedures
  • Task: create the procedure in MS-Word using the author’s content and the standard Sack P&P template (I will provide the template)
  • Task: obtain approval to incorporate the policy into the P&P document

Digitize Forms & Appendices

  • Procedures often require the completion of forms or the referencing of Appendices.
  • Task: create Forms that can be filled out online (Form Creation tool such as SharePoint Forms, Adobe Forms,  Bluebeam Forms)
  • Task: hyperlink procedures to associated Forms & Appendices

Create Policies & Procedures document (P&P)

  • Integrate all approved policies, procedures, forms and appendices into one hyperlinked, digital document accessible online via our Intranet
  • Task: merge all approved procedures into a final P&P document, using advanced MS-Word features (hyperlinked TOC, bookmarks, revision tracking, etc.)
  • Task: test document navigation on laptops and mobile devices

Develop training content

  • Some procedures will need to be supplemented by short video clips to help PMs visually see how the procedure is executed
  • Task: develop Screen Recordings for select procedures (Camtasia is preferred)
  • Task: hyperlink screen recording to the associated procedure in the P&P document

Develop digital workflows

  • Forms filled out online should be routed digitally to the right approval queues
  • Task: create digital workflows to move completed forms through the business process (SharePoint Workflow is preferred)

Submit your resume to mtroesel@hasack.com.

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