Onshore Sourcing – Functional Analyst

Role Description:

  •  Gathering information through interviews with employees and managers, and studying the procedures and Systems currently in place.
  • They then design computer systems to meet an organization’s requirements by researching emerging technologies for new solutions and using techniques such as data modeling, which creates rules for computers to follow.
  • Typically prepare reports that balance costs and benefits to present to managers.
  • When given the approval functional analysts install and configure new systems or upgrade existing ones.
  • They also run tests to ensure that systems meet specifications, write user manuals and other documentation, and train existing users on new capabilities.

Required Skills:

–       Agile processes
–       Strong written communication
–       Effective use of a web browser
–       Ability to generate test cases based on business requirements
–       Willingness to reach out to developers and business resources to drill down on desired functionality and requirements
–       Ability to communicate defects and steps for reproduction effectively
–       Technical aptitude
–       Strong analytical skills
–       Resourceful, and Adaptable
–       Ability to shift priorities to meet project deadlines

This is a full-time, immediate need position in Glennville, GA.

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