Web Developer Internship – ECN 19354

The Web Developer Intern will create websites built around Renew Merchandise LLC. The Intern’s duties will encompass all aspects of web development, from start up (design, functionality, coding, mark-up writing, and testing) to routine maintenance and troubleshooting.

Duties and Responsibilities

Web Development
• Design and develop websites ensuring strong optimization and functionality.
• Code web pages utilizing HTML and XML, and programming languages including JavaScript, PHP and Action Script.
• Work with database systems including MySQL and Filemaker.

Website Upkeep
• Monitor site technical performance and web server.
• Analyze and modify web systems by identifying trends, documenting, testing, developing solutions, and then reevaluating results to ensure improved performance.
• Work on projects including web layout enhancements, desktop applications, website enhancements, web-based applications, and database-backed websites.

• Test company websites with multiple browsers in order to maximize traffic capabilities.
• Act as liaison between Retail Network /Technical Support to address identified issues and concerns.
• Strengthen search engine standings through “organic” optimization techniques.
• Assist in the planning of overall company policy regarding search engine optimization and web development.

Maintain Company Account Information
• Manage company logins and passwords, domains, hosting, servers, and backrooms.

Education and Experience in:

• Industry standards in website development and content accessibility
• Web development application packages such as Adobe DreamWeaver
• HTML, XML, scripting languages, and cross-platform web accessibility standards
• Knowledge of a variety of software such as forms generation, spreadsheet, word processing, network email, intranet programs, file conversion and compression packages
• Knowledge of image editing application programs such as Photoshop and Microsoft Image
• Illustration and layout programs such as Adobe Indesign & Illustrator
• Working with relational database management tools such as Filemaker Server and MySQL Server
• Project management
• Currently enrolled in a college or university and eligible for internship

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

• Analytical
• Able to self-motivate and work independently.
• Creative
• Willing to experiment
• Ability to deal with uncertainty
• Ability to contribute individually and lead, manage, or participate in cross-functional teams
• Doggedness and determination
• Excellent writing skills

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