Dynos: Horiba-Schenk (2008) Eddy Current Dyno 250HP; Dyno controller Type SPARCe; Driveshaft K010 with shaft guard; Driveshaft Taylor; bedplate with 4 air-spring isolators; dyno 30 HP horizontal shaft, dyno 20 HP vertical shaft; dyno 10HP horizontal shaft.

Chassis dyno: 1300-Lite 2WD EC Chassis Dyno with gas analysis system


Engines: JCB-TDI, 80HP, turbocharged experimental; Single-cylinder omnivorous diesel Yanmar DI/PFI 23HP+supercharged/EGR; Single cyl experimental Kubota IDI/5HP; Single-cyl Briggs & Stratton PFI, 20HP


Single-cylinder experimental diesel Yanmar DI 23HP; Single cylinder experimental Kubota IDI 5HP;


Single-cylinder Briggs & Stratton EFI, 20HP.


Data acquisition systems: fast-speed data acquisition system AVL INDICOM; 1 electronic rack, cDAQ-9172 8, National Instruments; 1 high-speed data acquisition board (16 channels 1.25 Ms/s); 1 high-speed data acquisition board (32 channels, 50 kS/sec 16 bit analog input NI 0205 32), NI; fast needle lift data acquisition system PU-05-159-401 AEC America; 1 converter AEC-5505; 2 Kistler 5010B dual mode charge amplifiers with RS-232, interface, 3 exhaust temperature measurement systems, Omron (20 thermocouples); 5 rotary encoders for incremental movement 2000P/rev+1800P/rev, high-speed data acquisition systems:  Yokogawa DL850+DL750/10MS/S; 3 ECUs

Sensors: 2 clamp sensor for injection line pressure Kistler; 2 miniature piezoelectric cylinder pressure probe noncooled, Kistler; 1 miniature piezoelectric cylinder pressure through spark-plug probe noncooled, Kistler; 1 miniature piezoelectric sensor through glow-plug, Kistler; Kultite and Omega intake and exhaust manifold sensors.

PCB accelerometer. Strain gages Vishay, Slip ring Michigan Scientific

Air-Flow meters:  Meriam 40-500 SCFM, 3×10-100 SCFM, 2-22 SCFM, with 2xS320 computer acquisition system;

Fuel flow meter: AVL KMA 4000 Flex fuel

Instruments: MALVERN Mie He-Ne scattering spray laser, Rancimat – oxidation stability analysis, viscometer/rheometer Brookfield; Lambda probe, Paradigm biofuel analysis; Shimadzu TGA-DTA60, Parr calorimeter, pin-on disk tribometer, Shimadzu balance 0.01 mg,

Gas analysis: AVL SESAM FTIR (5 channels/25 species each), AVL 483 Micro soot sensor, AVL PM Sampler 472, AVL smokemeter/soot 415S, Horiba MEXA-584L portable Otto gas analyzer, CO, HC, C02 (nondispersive infrared: NDIR) and air-to-fuel ratio (AFR) excess air ratio; Horiba MEXA-720 NOx portable analyzer with zirconia-ceramic sensor for fast-response measurements of NOx concentrations from diesel and measurement of air/fuel ratio (A/F), excess air ratio (lambda), and  O2 sensor;

Software: AVL-FIRE; AVL Concerto, AVL INDICOM, GT-Power, ANSYS, Fluent, ADAMS, Pro-E

Automotive chassis dyno testing


Last updated: 10/13/2014

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