Welcome to the Renewable Energy and Engines Lab at Georgia Southern!

The research team at the Renewable Energy and Engines Lab identifies renewable sources of energy in south Georgia and design and evaluate products to capture the energy in a useable form for commercial or residential use in the region.

The research team also assists regional industries in energy consumption analysis, appropriate strategies for conservation of energy, and preservation of our environments. In addition to creating a regional repository of technology that showcases renewable energy application, these activities will help advance the State of Georgia and the region through the benefits of higher education.

Current areas of research interest in the laboratory include advanced combustion technologies, homogeneous charge compression ignition and low temperature combustion, advanced laser diagnostics, spray dynamics, mixture formation, smart engines control strategies, and engine tribology – the study and application of friction.

Engineering students are now able to conduct research on how to run engines efficiently with low particulate and nitrogen emissions using fuels made from renewable biofuels, including novel ones derived from non-food sources such as acorns and pine trees.

Dr. Valentin Soloiu
Allen E. Paulson Distinguished Chair of Renewable Energy

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