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Study Options in the M.S. in Applied Engineering

When choosing your engineering graduate program, you need options that will move you forward. Explore the types of engineering degrees you could receive through Georgia Southern University’s Master of Science in Applied Engineering (MSAE) concentrations:

Civil Engineering and Construction Concentration

Ongoing technological advances have increased the demand for highly specialized Civil Engineers.  As a result, more advanced and specialized education is increasingly required for professional practice in Construction, Environmental, Geotechnical, Structural, and Transportation Engineering.  Our Civil Engineering and Construction concentration provides access to such professional specialization.

Civil Engineering & Construction Curriculum >>

Electrical & Electronic Systems Concentration

Moore’s Law continues apace, turning one generation’s dream into another’s reality. Global video conferencing on heads up displays, autonomous nanobots aiding search & rescue, solar cells connected to smart power grids, intelligent sensors feeding cloud computers. Electrical and electronic systems are everywhere and invisible, unobtrusively improving and even extending our lives. Our EE Systems graduates will create things yet to be dreamed.

Electrical & Electronic Systems Curriculum >>

Energy Science Degree Concentration

Energy Science research and development is one of the highest priority initiatives in the global economic and political arena. The Renewable Energy and Engines Laboratory, directed by the Allen E. Paulson Endowed Chair of Renewable Energy, provides an exceptional opportunity to prepare oneself to pursue this cutting edge career. The laboratory leads the effort to develop alternative fuels for internal combustion engines in partnership with Georgia’s global vehicle producers and agricultural organizations.

Energy Science Curriculum >>

Engineering Management Degree Concentration

The engineering workforce fills the present and future needs of our society through the development and introduction of new products. Entrepreneurs and managers have a momentous responsibility and a crucial mission within this process. Georgia Southern’s MSAE program emphasis on collective and critical thinking in the Engineering Management concentration encourages an open mind to innovation.

Engineering Management Curriculum >>

Information Technology Degree Concentration

Information Technology professionals plan and coordinate activities such as the installation and upgrading of hardware and software; programming and systems design; the development of computer networks; and the implementation of Internet and intranet sites. They analyze the computer and information needs of their organization and determine personnel and equipment requirements. Georgia Southern’s MSAE with an information systems concentration reflects as much flexibility as the ever changing IT industry itself.

Information Technology Curriculum >>

Mechanical Engineering Degree Concentration

Mechanical engineering is one of the broadest engineering disciplines. Mechanical engineers design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain a variety of mechanical systems. The MSAE program emphasizes practical hands-on skills that build upon conceptual understanding obtained at the undergraduate level. Students will expand their knowledge and narrow their focus in a variety of areas from heat transfer and fluid mechanics to mechatronics and fracture mechanics.

Mechanical Engineering Curriculum >>

Mechatronics Degree Concentration

The marvelous integration of mechanical and electronic functions in modern products continues apace and accelerate without limit. Access to exponential computing power, innovative sensing technologies and robust new materials enables mechatronics professionals to explore the boundaries of inner and outer space, spanning nanometers to light years. The application oriented approach of Georgia Southern’s MSAE with Mechatronics concentration places a premium on state of the art results.

Mechatronics Curriculum >>

Graduate Certificate in Engineering & Manufacturing Management

Engineering & Manufacturing Managers coordinate the entire range of production factors, adapting scientific and practical approaches in order to create favorable conditions for the profitable development of the country`s industrial activities. Georgia Southern’s graduate certificate in Engineering & Manufacturing Management provides a scientific and rational approach to the relevant issues with courses in management and various technological arenas.

Engineering & Manufacturing Management Certificate >>

Graduate Certificate in Occupational Safety & Environmental Compliance

Occupational Safety experts assess exposure to, evaluate the consequences of, and institute techniques for control of occupational hazards. Environmental Compliance experts perform and maintain industrial hygiene, safety engineering, environmental sanitation, fire protection and/or radiological health. Georgia Southern’s graduate certificate in Occupational Safety & Environmental Compliance helps students explore solutions to a variety of current issues.

Occupational Safety & Environmental Compliance Certificate >>

Last updated: 3/16/2018