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If you are interested in getting more involved on campus, the College of Engineering and Computing has a variety of student organizations you can join. Please explore this page fore more information about each of the organizations your college offers. The list is in alphabetical order. If you would like more information about a specific organization just click the drop-down arrow. You can also download the PDF of this information by clicking on Student Organizations.

College of Engineering and Computing Student Organizations

Association for Computing Machinery

Interested in helping students understand computers better.

  • Meets Thursday at 6:30 in Room 3212
  • Faculty Advisor is Dr. Pradipta De
  • President is Kyle Leep
  • Yearly Dues are $50
Association of Information Technology Professionals

Helps improve students’ technical and professional skills and competence by hosting hands on workshops to better improve their professional and ethical commitments.

  • Meets twice a month on Tuesdays at in Information Technology 2208/2110
  • Faculty Advisor is Dr. Russell Thackston
  • President is Kathleen Morris
  • Yearly Dues are $20
  • Website
American Society of Civil Engineers

Provides the tools necessary for success in the academic and professional world.

  • Meets biweekly on Wednesday at 6 pm in Engineering 1104
  • Faculty Advisors are Dr. Maldonado and Dr. Cubas
  • President is Augusto Ramirez
  • Does not have yearly dues
  • Website
American Society of Mechanical Engineers

Enables collaboration, knowledge sharing, career enrichment and skills development across all engineering disciplines, toward a goal of helping the global engineering community develop solutions to benefit lives and livelihoods.

  • Meets bi-weekly on Thursdays at at 6:30 PM in Engineering 2117/2112
  • Faculty Advisor is Dr. Vlcek
  • President is Tehran Price
  • Does not have yearly dues
  • Website
Auroa Game Development Club

To serve any and all students in gaining experience in the game development industry.

  • Meets every Monday at 7:30 PM in Information Technology 1304
  • Faculty Advisor is Dr. Harris
  • President is Thomas Anderson
  • Yearly Dues are $50
Construction Management Association of America (CMAA)

Provides opportunities for Construction Management students to enhance their professional knowledge and networks through guest speakers, forums, and conferences.

  • Meets Monday at 4:45 PM, room is TBA
  • Faculty Advisor is Dr. Maghiar
  • President is Michael Herren
  • Yearly dues are $25
Construction Management Guild

The Guild brings in companies to speak with students about construction projects and career opportunities for the students,

  • Meets biweekly on Tuesday at 4:30 PM in Carruth 1104
  • Faculty Advisor are Dr. Rogers and Dr. Martin and Dr. Peter Rogers
  • President is Alex Holloway
  • Yearly dues are $10
Eagle Motorsports (Society of Automotive Engineers)

Georgia Southern’s racing team that participates in an international competition that involves designing, building, testing, and racing a Formula style race car and off road-Baja vehicle.

  • Meetings time and location is  TBA
  • Faculty Advisor is Mr. Harp
  • President is Carter Hollis and Michael Sabtangelo
Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE)

IEE is the world’s largest professional association dedicated to advancing technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of industry.

  • Meets biweekly on Monday at 6:00 PM, room TBA
  • Faculty Advisor is Dr. Rios-Guiterrez
  • President is Adrian Smith
  • Yearly dues are $30
Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)

ITE is for students interested in entering the transportation field. Mission is to aid fellow students in learning more about the profession and finding jobs or internships.

  • Meeting time and location is TBA
  • Faculty Advisor is Dr. Purcell
  • President is Javon Jones
  • There are no yearly dues
National Society of Women in Construction
  • Faculty Mentors are Dr. Manoosingh and Dr. Chen
National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE)

To increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally, and positively impact the community.

  • Meets bi-weekly on Wednesday at 6:00 PM in IT 3202
  • Faculty Advisor is Mr. Collins
  • President is Ebonee Millage
  • Yearly dues are $20
Optical Society of America
  • Meeting time and location is TBA
  • Faculty Mentor is Dr. Haddad
  • President is Collin Daly
  • Yearly dues are TBA

Pi Tau Sigma, Mechanical Engineering Honor Society, Membership is by invitation only.

  • Meets bi-weekly on Wednesday at 6:30 PM in Engineering 2112
  • Faculty Advisor is Dr. Calamas
  • President is Jennifer Shaffer
  • Yearly dues are TBA
Robotics Club

Offers space for engineering and science students to learn, design, program, and fabricate robots.

  • Meeting time and location is TBA
  • Faculty Advisors are Dr. Alba-Flores and Dr. Rios Guiterrez
  • President is Kyle Leep
  • There are no yearly dues
  • Website
Sigma Lamda Chi

International Honor Society for Construction Management

  • Meets biweekly on Monday at 5:30 PM in the Carruth Conference Room
  • Faculty Advisors are Dr. Dr. Manoosingh and Dr. Dryden
  • President is TBA
  • There are no yearly dues
Society of American Military Engineers (SAME)

Enables the networking of students and professionals from various fields of engineering, architecture, and construction to develop students’ professional connections and introduce them to job opportunities.

  • Meets Monthly on the 2nd or 3rd Monday at 6:00 PM in Engineering 1132
  • Faculty Advisor is Dr. Dryden
  • President is Nolan Jackson
  • There are no yearly dues
  • Website
Society of Manufacturing Engineers

The world’s’ leading professional society advancing manufacturing knowledge and influencing more than half a million manufacturing practitioners annually Student chapter activities include industry tours, professional speakers, resume workshops and networking.

  • Meets the first Thursday of every month at 6:30 PM, location TBA
  • Faculty Advisor is Dr. Harp
  • President is Craig Ward
  • There are no yearly dues
Society of Women Engineers

Gives women engineers a unique voice.

  • Meets biweekly on Tuesday at 6:00 PM in Engineering 2110
  • Faculty Advisor is Dr. Alba-Flores
  • President is Asia Forrest
  • There are no yearly dues
Women in Technology (WIT)

Aims to advance women in technology-from the classroom to the boardroom. WIT meets its vision through a variety of leadership development, technology education, networking and mentoring opportunities for women at all levels of their careers.

  • Meeting time and location is TBA
  • Faculty Advisors are Dr. Rasnick and Ms. Hawkins
  • President is TBA
  • Yearly Dues are TBA
Tau Beta Pi -Engineering Honors Club

Membership is by invitation only. Spring and Fall induction ceremonies.

  • Meets biweekly on Wednesday at 6:30 PM in Engineering 2112
  • Spring and Fall Induction Ceremonies
  • Faculty Advisor is Dr. Calamas
  • President is TBA
  • Yearly Dues are TBA
Upsilon Pi Epsilon (UPE), Computer Science Honor Society, Membership is by Invitation Only

Honor Society recognizes academic excellence in the Computing disciplines. Membership is by invitation only. Induction ceremonies are in the Fall and Spring.

  • Meeting time and location is TBA
  • Spring Induction Ceremonies
  • Faculty Advisors are Dr. Allen and Dr. Harris
  • Yearly Dues are TBA

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